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Microsoft rumored to deliver three new Surface tablets in 2013 -
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Erik H.
So there'll be four Surface tablets nobody wants?
Microsoft only simulating smart phones with windows 8...its only  imitation not creativity
Merging tablet and ultrabook with a real professionnal OS IS creativity...!
They are only producing three of these thing in a whole year? Man, I am not standing in line for that.
While the initial release sold out they are not selling now. 
The price is too high and the apps are all MIA. 
Have they considered any that run properly at say, any price point?
Microsoft have become the laughing stock of the IT world. They have had every opportunity to be ahead of the pack but chose to act like they were invincible. They are paying the price for it now and I am NOT going to bail them out by buying a product that is so over priced it makes an iPads look cheap. Mr Ballmer, we don't care anymore and it's time you listen to the public and not what YOU in your ivory towers think is right. Now DELIVER or you will go bust in 10 years time. 
I'm just confused about this product. It seems to want to be both a laptop AND a tablet, but it only seems to serve both functions badly. 
That's exactly its problem.  There may be some decent hardware here....but in typical Microsoft fashion...trying to be all things to all people....and ending up doing a mediocre job at all of it.   Ballmer needs to go....
+Mark Stuckless That's what Windows 8 seems to me in general. They're pushing that Metro interface for EVERYTHING: Mobile, tablets, and desktop. I'm not the biggest Apple fan, but at least they have the sense to separate mobile from desktop with iOS vs OSX. 
Amazing commercials. Mediocre products.
Asus Transformer series are too advanced on the convertible market already... Lenovo has better ones, too. Probably they released the Surface just way too late? Besides it's biggest flaw is, that it needs a surface, can't just put the tablet on the lap with the keyboard up in the air... that's not portable enough for my needs. Hopefully they will improve the way the keyboard is attached.
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