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Looks like Google is turning into what Android fans hate the most: Apple ;-)

So much trouble to enable something, that doesn't really work? That's a shame.
It was never meant to have LTE. 
H. W.
It's not supposed to work from the beginning. What exactly do you mean by shame?
+Hank Wang I know, but people still long for LTE and try every way to get it, but Google said no for some reason, while the iPhone 5 users can enjoy it. The tables are turned this time.
H. W.
+Nino Novak  Except that you have many LTE Android phones to choose from while iphone users have no other choice within the same ecosystem so if their iphone does not support something they're stuck. It's not really comparable.
+Hank Wang I'm talking about Google Nexus vs. Apple iPhone. What has that to do with other Android phones? It's not only about ecosystem, when it comes to Android. Some people are real fans of the Nexus 4 and don't wanna switch the brand just because there is no LTE. It's very frustrating to them. Also there is no SD slot. That's a shame, too.
If the Canadians can get the Nexus 4 before the BayAreans can so that the Canadians can taunt us with their fancy LTE, NAFTA obviously isn't working. ;)
+Nino Novak saying you are a fan of the Nexus line but complaining about lack of SD is absurd. This is the third generation of Nexus without SD, not having SD is a key part of the Nexus experience, if you want SD so badly buy a different Android phone. If, on the other hand, you are a fan of not having any hassle with write errors etc (something that has happened to me on every SD card in any phone I have owned) then go for Nexus and enjoy the SD free no nonsense Nexus experience. 
H. W.
+Nino Novak First, Google has made it very clear that the phone does not support LTE so no one should expect otherwise. Second, what's the most defining feature of the Nexus series? It's the Google-controlled experience, which means pure Android and most importantly, timely update to the latest software. Considering Verizon's 4G Galaxy Nexus's notorious update record, it's a reasonable choice from Google to give up on LTE for complete control over the update process. If you value LTE more than timely software update then you are not Nexus 4's target audience. Google can afford to lose these customers because they have a much much larger ecosystem than Nexus.
+Robin C. M. Staple For some of us, the lack of uSD slot is the reason we chose other phones over the Nexus. I'd love to have the pure android interface by the default, and the promise of software updates, but the N1 was the last of the Nexus line that I bought.
Like it or not, some of us pay for 3G data, and the uSD slot is a deal breaker.
As for LTE, it was never promised for the 4.
+Nino Novak Still whining about that? It has been weeks already! Move on. Instead of focusing on what the Nexus 4 doesn't have, focus on what the N4 does have.
And btw, the N4 is almost half the price of an iphone.
+Chris Conley that is a interesting note...
I have to head to YouTube just to checkout the takedown. If the chip is in fact in the device, I figure that would have cost Google about $15 a device. I don't see why they would do that unless the chips were just a write off. Thanks for the heads up! 
Nexus 4 is said to be among the most cost-effective smart phones.
+Nino Novak lol Apple fan boys... Google created and distrbutes Android OS completely free. This fact alone confirms Google will never be like Apple. Also if you read the article the LTE actually works as intended, getting 21Mbps..

Thanks for your ignorance.
+Robin C. M. Staple Amen to the no write errors!  Nothing more annoying than after taking some great photos then find out later the photo data on the SD card is corrupted and now I've got no photos.
Whatever. I have what I like, and I like what I have.
My phone isn't so much used for a phone as being a portable computer. And when I'm taking pictures, it's not for posterity. It's for fun. 
If I was interested in screwing around with my phone's OS, then I guess I'd be excited about having an Android phone, but I'm not.
I screw around with my Nook's OS instead.
And yes like +Hank Wang stated, the only reason Google choose not to officialy provide LTE support is because the carriers would not allow Google to directly push their updates OTA because of some proprietary stuff on the carriers side. Verizon specifically wanted an additional 3-4 months to test Google's already tested updates that are ready to be pushed OTA. No LTE for N4 = quality Google experience. Plus the people that complain about not having LTE don't understand networking and how fast 4G is, which is plenty fast.. It's just another thing for consumers to want the latest and greatest without knowing the difference; Let's give them an N4, tell them it has LTE and see if they complain... They won't notice the difference, and then they'll shutup.
I am waiting for Nexus 4 to become available on Google store without complaints. I think it's a great product for its price.
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