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We reviewed the HTC Droid DNA by Verizon. Will you want one?
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We'll see what battery life is like. But my GNex will last me till the spring when I hope a whole new line of Nexi are released.
That desk pic is so cool. The phone....i dont wanna say nothing.
No. Verizon has that phone locked down tighter than Fort Knox. 
+Adrien 'lesailesbleues' FÉRAUD The "Droid" trademark belongs to George Lucas and has been licensed by Verizon since 2009. Motorola never had any claim on its use. In fact, the original Motorola Droid and the HTC Droid Eris were released on the same day in 2009.
Actually was looking at it today at the Verizon store.  One thing I noticed was that the screen was already very warm just sitting on and in idle.  I checked the other phones around it and found that the Galaxy SIII was still cool in comparison.  Having had a problem with my Nexus S overheating and getting up to 120degrees when streaming music or using navigation.  It also increases battery wear when the heat is so high.  With poor battery life and the inability to remove the battery is a no go.  

Don't understand why almost every HTC phone I have ever considered had terrible battery life compare to other similar phones.
The screen must be a sight :)
Who'd have thunk that screen technology on mobile devices can advance this fast? 
buy expensive if you do not use it for anything .. if you buy a pound boy pointed the sparks ..
B Blair
Don't know what it is, but HTC has always been buggy for me. Hero, Evo 3D, One X, so I'm done for now. IPhone5 - Note2 currently. 
HTC is a fool company, they don't really know what people really wants!!!!!
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