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if I could have a -1 I would push it...Instagram is least useful social service out there.
OMG!  I can view photos and user streams on the web?!  Wow, it's just like G+ except without all the useful stuff.
Deleted Instagram as soon as Facebook acquired it.
That supposed to be the first thing as features in the web every applications should have.
Congrats Instagram for the full image feed. It is a huge step
Stopped using it a while ago.
Interesting... but it seems that you will still need the mobile app to add images.
Can't wait to see how this one ... develops ....
Instagram. Isn't the same app that sells your photos to random places without giving you a dime.. and also want you to prove your identity by taking a picture of your government I.D. am I excited? No
How innovative, they are going back to desktops
Been doing that for months with the extension for chrome... but I've ditched it for IE 10, so this should make up for it.
Alan Le
I was tempted to give Instagram a try but I can't stand looking at square photos.
I I love instagram follow m3 saphire 02
I love instagram follow me saphire 02
+Rob E Yup, I miss the ability to sync stuff with my Nexus 7, but besides that I found IE10 to beat Chrome 23 & 24 in almost every way.
Larger photos of cats and half-eaten breakfast foods to pollute the stream?! Sign me up.
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