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YouTube is starting to trim the fat. Think you or anyone you know will miss some original content channels?
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I don't watch any of the original content channels, but I do use channel subscriptions to keep track of what interests me. They work great. There's a lot more to Youtube than stupid crap. Just gotta know how to use it & separate the inevitable junk from the good stuff. Works just like the rest of the Internet.
I have at least one friend who watches nothing but YouTube channels on his Mac.
I've subscribed to a few of the original content channels, but to be honest, discovery of the channels was a bit of a pain in the butt, and the content itself was haphazard and inconsistent in quality.  great concept and potentially very disruptive, but thus far execution has been poor.  they really need to line up some profesional production companies and do a FAR better job of promoting the better channels.
As long as youtube/Drive stays around, I won't even notice.
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