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iOS Instagram Gets Update With Facebook Sign-in, New Filter And Album Uploading Option 
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Who cares. Instabumb is over for me. Yeah they backtracked on their T & C, but then said the same thing over again. Say what? Child, hush yo' mouf! 
I've already deleted the app off my iPhone and moved back to Flickr
New update for Android as well!! Forgot to mention that. 
All the app does is enhance a photo yet you go on about it as though this is what life is all about. When Facebook and Instagram are talking points in society, what has the world become? Put your phones down, go outside and talk to people like the good old days. 
Great, at least with new upload option!
+Mrityunjeyan S download snapseed. It does the same thing but without the social aspect. Flickr is also another option. If you love us here at G+, you can share them with us. WERD!
+Mrityunjeyan S For photo "editing" (a.k.a mostly just applying a filter to the image and sharing it) I recommend Pixlr-O-Matic or Pixlr Express.  
+Mrityunjeyan S Snapseed is good, and as said without the socializing. Tadaa is great also, and its with the social aspect.
Instagram was ruined the minute it was bought by FB. folks, it's time to move on now!
it's still great, and the best App to share pictures out there no matter what you do!
This must be the most overhyped app in the history of apps. Why dont you just share on FB?
Deleted Instagram... Watching it die slowly 
+Ryan Reed I use Flickr way before Instagram, but their new iPhone App is totally an Instagram rip off ;)
Flickr has really improved. 
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