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Who is this? (Sprint + Google Voice is hopeless) -
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I don't get it. If you are that tied into Googles app ecosystem, especially Google voice, why make the switch? At all? Article lacks photo
Is this still a tech blog or just a place for random 'this happened to me' posts? The last TC "article" I read was just somebody complaining that they had to get the latest iPhone the same day as everyone else. I'm guessing there's simply a post quota. 
Yeah I wish I just had a Google Voice number and not another number and also I wish mms and Emoji worked through Google Voice it's dumb they don't.
+Nick Deuel Pretty sure the blog owners (Time Warner) have a vested interest in Apple and iPhone ownership & cheerleading is an unsaid requirement for staff.
you're doing it wrong. I use sprint and google voice all day long everyday since day one. No issues with the integration at least sprint sucks hardcore otherwise. 
I use Sprint and Google Voice all the time. Never any issues
Download Talkatone. Its free and does everything u need. Doesnt use ur minutes either. Best app for google voice by far. 
Been using Google Voice/Sprint in Android since day 1 and never had any issues. Worked great on HTC EVO, Motorola Photon and now Galaxy Note 2. Maybe its an iPhone/Apple problem :)
Integrate Google Voice with your # on Sprint and you never have to worry about minutes used to call landlines. 
With Sprint and Google Voice integrated, it was impossible for me to make an outgoing call while off the Sprint network. I had a busy signal each and every time. Disconnecting Google Voice from my Sprint number fixed every single time immediately.
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