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I'm kidding, but Google should charge iOS users $ 0.99 to dl it. Serves them right, plus they're used to paying premium for stuff anyway. 
+Beto Aguirre why penalize iOS users when Apple made the decision to move to open street maps.
I don't mind paying for a decent product btw. 
Maybe +Beto Aguirre was saying charge ios user simply for going with ios. But in any case Google Maps on iphone is a major win for google it will provide Google with millions of additional users data on traffic. does Lee providing Google more accurate traffic data from millions of additional iPhones but starving off Apple maps. The fewer people using Apple maps the longer it will take for them to collect data needed to make a better map. 
+Beto Aguirre serves them right

Why do you attack the users? We didn't say we want Google Maps replaced with Apple Maps. Besides, I don't mind paying 0.99, but then Google needs to deliver a better app than before.
+Defectisy Deft Google Maps is very flawed on Taiwan, where I live, so I would only pay for it, if they fix the outdated and missing data. My wife has a Nokia, her maps app is by far more accurate and reliable than Apple's when it comes to Taiwan.
+Defectisy Deft I assume you don't use an iOS device, right? For some reason it's people who don't use Apple maps, that call it disaster. For me it's a decent app, has it's pros and cons just like Google's. None is perfect, though. 
Actually many iOS users claimed the Apple maps was a disaster when they first used it. Not a fanboy but just saying.

Haven't had any problems with Google maps past few years. Also the Navigation app that comes with Google Maps is still in Beta though, says so when you open it.

Google is able to collect so much data because Google makes not only really great software, but the vast majority of their software if not all of it, is free for anybody to use unless for commercial purposes.
I have an iPhone and the Apple map is horrible I was looking for a dunkin donut and I was blocks away but it couldn't find it 
Go for Android. The iPhone is just not keeping up. My iPhone 4s looks tiny next to my Samsung Galaxy S3. To be honest Navigation is so much simpler with S3. But if navigation was your stand point I say go with a Nokia.
Apple must focus on developing native clock app by partnering with Swiss rather then entering to maps business.
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