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Meet Sony's 5-inch Xperia Z, their answer to the iPhone and Galaxy S3 
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Oh god Sony, I just don't know if it's more of a iPhone 5 or GS2 rip-off.  In any case, it's a rip-off.
Tsing Mui
No stock Android. Failed.
So now making a flat black phone constitutes as ripping something off? Come on people, there are only so many ways to make a phone and the curved backs are annoying so I'm glad we're seeing s shift towards flat backs on android based devices.
On the other hand I'm sure this will cost an arm and a leg off contract so I'll stick with my nexus 4. 
I love the straight edges of the Xperia line. Every other phone looks like an iPhone.
1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor !
+Marc-Olivier Hétu How does this look like either of those phones? Stop being an ignorant fanboy, because it makes you seem ignorant. Open the f*** up.

But I'm sure you could design a phone, that looks, nothing like.... a phone.

droid dna has best specs but i like iPhone UI best so i use it
Absolutely love my xperia ion!!!!! 
I might be mobbed for saying this on Google+ but I long to see an Android phone that is as elegantly and compactly designed as the iPhone.

The slim, narrow and conservative size is the main reason why I am hesitant to move away from my GS2 in favour of the mini-tv style phones that are coming out.

This phone looks bigger than the iPhone 5, but I like the direction the design is taking. 
Except it will be in direct competition with the S4, not the S3.
Who cares if it's a rip off? Make a better phone, copy as much as possible if necessary.
I wanted this phone until I saw the battery specs. Less than 3000mA for a quad core phone with a 5 inch display is like having a Ferrari with the fuel tank of a Mini Cooper. It's a pity since this device is almost like a dream come true. 
Rip-off? This is quite easy to solve - would anyone with an IQ above 80 recognize this as an iPhone or a Galaxy S3? No, ergo, no rip-off, just a smartphone.
Haru Uy
Sony compare to Samsung.. look at the UI.. it's very original Sony.. unlike Samsung who make their icons similar to iPhones.
This is what patents reduce people to... complaining about people copying icons, copying interface features, and copying phone shapes. UnThanks so much patents for your influence on the progress of technology.
Some corporations don't get it.
You can built a great phone but if it doesn't have applications to back it up its pretty much useless.
This is why the iPhone is just that much better than android.
+Kriss Zavala Er, sorry, you apparently have no idea what you're talking about. Having 'more apps' doesnt make anything better on its own. 
If it's anything like the ion I'll pass. 
The 13 megapixel cam and Quad processors are the best thing about the phone. The design looks meh
Will all the iPhone fanboys do all of us a favor, stick your phones up your asses. Maybe that will help you realize how far behind the times you are
I think what we will find in terms of form factor of phoned is an eventual progression to a relative standard much in the same way existing analog phones and PCs all regress to a certain mean. With respect to the OS there is now a battle for supremacy in how the OS looks and functions. This is where you may eventually see the same detachment of software to hardware we are typically used to with Windows or existing Linux flavors; with things like Ubuntu phone OS you might just buy a Sony phone and load a preferred OS if the stock is unacceptable and load a new OS just as we do with PC hardware today. Its a very good time to be a consumer.
Will buy one if Sony provides way to unlock bootloader and cooperates with open source developoers.
Is that a rounded rectangle?...o-oh, watch out Sony, lawsuit on the horizon.
sue-ing bitch Apple.
leave Sony alone iPhone fanboys!
did you guys know that Sony Ericsson sue Samsung?
Wow! great.i gonna have one of those soon.
it will make as beleve
i really don't understand why other people not contented with their phone? as long as you can call and text that is what phone is all about, and just have pc at home.
Looks is cool.....but,how about the apps and the price?
Good now i can get the Xperia T at a much cheaper price :]
wow such a lovely phone from Sony,carry on guys lets get galaxy out of the way.kudos all the way

Because we are lovers of technology.
Quad core on ! That's the direction of these industry.. slimmer smaller but big memory rom ram.. and faster. This should all make us happier w our device.
If you want your computer to fit in your pocket, that's why you care about smartphones.

Why are people acting like this is the first smartphone Sony have made? The appearance is more like the Xperia T than any iPhone.
Rafic N
Oh look iphone 5 and galaxy s3 are already outdated
Still waiting for my NEXUS 4 to arrive!! Will be a museum piece by the time I get it I think!
quad core... bangin on em! 
ken lau
It looks cool
Gs3 international version is already quadded up. I guess quad processoors is the 2013 standard 
For some but not all... Before all of the authoritative personal judgement is passed by looky loo's, maybe reading the article or anything about this awesome piece of technology first. Personally this device meets every requirement I have as an adventurous outdoorsy type. The two less than desirable quality's, it's glass front and back and it lacks an exchangeable battery, but for a "water proof device" I gladly give these things up, just WOW!
1.5 GHz Snapdragon S4 Pro quad-core processor
1080p HD 5-inch display
Android 4.1
13.1MP rear camera; 2.2MP front-facing camera
Water and dust resistant
Dimensions: 139 x 71 x 7.9mm
Battery 2,330 mAh
Up to 16GB Memory; expandable (up to 32GB) via microSD card slot
Beautiful and amazingly functional in one package.
One last thing, Sony seems to have an open door policy on open source, so be the administrator of your device and run what you want if you don't like the UI.
+Tsing Mui When a bespectacled person on the "internetzz" uses the word failed when not apropos, that's a fail.
This will probably be my next phone, but I will wait a year or so until the price goes down. I have an Xperia Miro now. It is a very good phone considering it is a low end Xperia. 
Great I know a few people who can talk under water

It really does amaze me how few people spend any time outside these days... High end rugged smartphones are really in demand if you ask me... But alas most users seem to never leave the couch.
Side note, you wouldn't believe how many cell phones fall in the toilet. Remember that the next time you ask to borrow or see someone's device. 
Why do they keep making the same flippin phone? Its 2013 every phone is alike, touchscreen with apps that do the same as the old touchscreen with apps, if you ask me its getting a little boring.
They had better be careful. Don't want to make your device TOO rectangular and round cornered.
The Xperia Z. This thing is gorgeous. This is the only phone I have seen so far that would tempt me to upgrade. 
better than even the latest i phone
Well I see what I'm giving my Razr up for!
Im waiting for the HTC M7 because I have always been an htc fan....but this phone is Seriously tempting me!
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