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Is this the HTC M7 smartphone?
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Irving O.
Round corners? call the lawyers!
It looks like they're sticking with my one complaint about my One X... the tiny drilled holes for the speaker and microphone get gunked up and are impossible to clean without pushing the gunk into the phone.  Otherwise it looks pretty clean and simple.
A must have for me, sadly I will trade my EvoLtE but will welcome this M7 powerhouse! 
+Irving Ortiz that is probably part of the cross licensing deal between HTC and apple. 
+Matt Mallory
Bamp a toothbrush in Alcohol, make sure is not dripping wet, but damped enough and will clean the gunk. Same on the micro port. 
+martin lopez Good tip, but it still bothers me that whatever the toothbrush "cleans" is simply getting diluted by the alcohol and pushed into the phone.
+Leo T they got rid of the three dot menu a minute ago hopefully they have something better 
It's an LCD skate board with speakers.  
It looks a lot like the old my touch HTC made for t mibile
+Matt Mallory I feel you but the drilled look makes it feel like a premium device in my opinion. I would be nice to not have to deal with the gunk though.
The back is certainly risky from a lawsuit point of view. If you close one eye and stand about 30 feet away, it looks identical to the iPhone 5... ish.
I also, am not a fan of their choice of capacitive keys over soft keys.
I don't think it looks anything like an iPhone unless the HTC evo LTE I'm holding looks like an iPhone doesn't.....
I have the Iphone so screw you!!!!!
build it. $299 and i will buy one
+Shannon Sox
Shannon if you have an iphone you are the one screwed! Your device lacks customizations ability and NFC technology and every time you download a song from Itunes Apple screws you $1.49 ea. And many more things, So you are the one screwed!! 
+Matt Mallory have you tried doing that with the front if the phone facing down so when the gunk gets diluted it (hopefully) comes out instead of in?
Im waiting for the HTC J Butterfly 
Downgraded from Htc to a iphone 5? 
Id rather be naked and soaked in honey on top of an anthill than to use an Iphone. 
+Justin Welenofsky
New era... The X series, Evo lte are a new breed, now the Droid Dna and the next one in line in 2013 you should consider Htc again. 
Please tell me that's not a glass back if so somebody at htc really got a hard on for Apple products, also no sd card slot or a bigger battery epic fail, they should just start filling for bankruptcy
They should use software buttons...
My HTC one x hasn't missed a beat I'm in for this model.
+apple, but i want a share of the claim
This has got to be an awesome phone - I have a HTC one and it is amazing
no thanks.... 
HTC burned its bridge with me already
ugly. It should be all black, or all white.
Ehh....It Looks A Little Too iPhone-esque For My Taste. I Love HTC, So, Imma Pray This Isn't The Actual M7
I think its sexy but it just looks to much like an iPhone 5
Not a fan of the design. Too square and weird corners. Missing color on the left and right side of the screen. The One X was beautiful, though.
Cool looking speakers 
I hope the speakers are flat. The one's on my HTC Sensation are rounded, reaching out to snag hair/skin on my ears. 
My HTC One is my first smartphone and I love it. Of course I don't let any gunk get near it and I never use the phone part. Text and internet only. Love the fact I can listen to on line police scanner on it. Bad boy bad boy,lol.
Ok, it's a good looking phone if it's real. However, HTC is so slow with updates..
meh.... I have already made up my mind for Xperia Z..
Mmm sad, it looks like an ugly iPhone 
Ryan R.
Looks like HTC is sticking to their capacitive/physical buttons just like Samsung. I guess Sony again or Moto for me this year. Onscreen buttons are just more intuitive. And physical keys are prone to accidental touches.
What a device that can make phone calls? And its in a rectangle? Someone call apple we have a situation
+Ryan R. I actually like capacitive buttons for two reasons: more screen real estate (big deal for me) and no large empty area bellow the screen. But that's just me :)
On a first glance, it seems fake. 
And if the second picture turns out to be true then this would be one giant of a phone.....I hate such phones. 
God I hope not. I just got the HOX+ to replace my GNex cause I fell in love with the design...making me overlook speedy updates. However, this is just ugly. I really dislike the iPhone 4/4S/5 design...and yet it seems Sony and now possibly HTC are moving in that direction. Boooooooo.
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