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Got a Klü for Christmas. Android Tablet. Very interesting! The Google App store does not work with this, but the Amazon App store works fine.

I am reading three books at once on my electronic device.
I dont know a single person who prefers an e reader to a print book.
Unless the book depends/relies on illustration or figures, I prefer an e-reader 100% of the time. I love books and still buy physical books, but the convenience and usability of an e-reader trumps books. For what it's worth, my BA is in English Lit ... blasphemy, I know ... ;-)
I have an old Kindle for car camping trips. Battery easily lasts a full week and I'm not worried about scratching it up.
I read at night. So e readers don't require a light , so it doesn't bug my sig other when I'm up late reading.
We have both e readers and tablets. I think each has their strengths. I prefer the e reader for reading while the tablet is for everything else. That doesn't mean I won't read on my iPad though. 
I am not sure about a reader, that's a bit too much with already the phone and the tablet. Is it really worth it? And which model is best?
And yet these figures still don't explain why electronic books cost as much as printed ones... :-\
Just published my first Kindle book and I'm amazed at how quick the numbers go up. 
Asus TF201 and Acer Iconia ... both are useful for light duty but still need a PC for real work.
+Aaron Dennis I used to feel that way, but after 2 years with my is hard to go back. I wish there was a `real` secondary market for ebooks though.
Yeah, there is no way 3 out of 4 Americans own a tablet. I would like to know their source.

I far prefer an e-ink e-reader for reading books. I have a tablet for doing non-book-reading things. They have different purposes.
I would call the Kindle Fire a media device rather than a true e-reader.  Sure, you can read a book with the Fire, but you can also "read" with a laptop, desktop, and a 54" Sony Bravia LCD TV.  

Those of us who truly read, for hours on end, know that e-ink displays are superior to non e-ink displays for reading.  There just is no comparison to a back-lit device.

I haven't bought a physical book since receiving the Kindle as a gift more than two years ago.  It completely changed the way I read.  Easier on the eyes, portable, convenient...I don't think I will ever buy a physical book again (and I work for a book publisher!).

I like the idea of a media device, but for serious reads, a tablet is no substitute for a dedicated e-ink device.  
I bought a Nexus 7 just after the price drop on the 16gb model. Enjoying it for comics, plus trips.
No doubt that mobile computing is here to stay, the major innovations in the last few years have proven that this is the beginning of a new era in computing. The PC is close to being buried in the past, but we still need new input methods and redesigned software before it happens.
I think e-books are best enjoyed on e-readers. But they need to be dirt cheap because the tablet is just the better value. Over time I have collected various versions of each. I only use my laptop for tasks that can't be done with my tablet.
Nexus7 for Christmas... Greatest gift ever!!!
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