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#TeamAndroid  have known this for quite some time. Its everyone else being delusional and living in their own reality who think otherwise.
Ipad is overrated and over priced
+Nino Novak Who said anything about obsessing? At what point in my 22-word sentence was it indicated? Or are you mad? If its the latter I can't help you.
I just bough my first iPad ... 4 gen with retina display... Im very disappointed when i try to go online to watch videos and I couldn't. I should get an Android 
Its everyone else being delusional and living in their own reality who think otherwise.

Does this sound rational or sane to you? It doesn't qualify as such in my world. 
Apple got best product in market if we look at the product itself... But the capabilities of the final product is NOT. What users expected 
+El Plaka Plaka Maldonado Which users? Don't include me, I got more than I have expected with my iPad. Do you understand the concept of the whole tablet market growing at a faster pace than the iPad sales? When a market is mature, the cheaper and low quality products always outsell premium products. I can get a 20 USD Android tablet from China here in Taipei, where I live. They are crap, but for 20 bucks nobody thinks it will replace the iPad. Some people are fine with that, and it's fine to me, too. I'm sure, that there are already more Android tablets sold world wide than iPads, if we include all the non-brands from China. It doesn't mean anything for Apple, it doesn't mean anything for those of us outside the fanboy bubble.
But what about the usage figures?  Apple said the iPad accounted for some obscene amount of the tablet Internet usage (well over 90% if I recall correctly) at an event earlier this year.  The original sales figure isn't everything - people need to actually use the things for the after sales income to come rolling in!

[Android user]
Ipads r nice have yet to see the 4 or mini but my hundred dollar tablet does by far more while the ipad is a little more responsive
+James Field Because the majority of Android phones in the market are offered for free or at low cost to people, who just use them as a phone and only make calls or send text messages - read here iPhone is still no 1 smartphone in the real sense of the word.
Too bad I can't just choose the App I like & the store I like & run it on my phone. Instead I have to endure this useless BS about which platform is 'better'. I've been listening to these arguments over one OS or the other since the mid 1980s. Once the App is open the OS is invisible. Don't you have a hobby or something entertaining to do?
There is just ONE Apple, there are potentially any number of Android manufacturers.

Enterprise accountants NEED multiple vendors so they can drive down the price with competition. Apple is NOT interested in the Enterprise market. (It demands too many design compromises.)

Apple's lawsuit against Samsung was not about Apple wanting to be the only tablet maker, it was about NOT wanting to be the only tablet maker.

Apple went so far as to create and license the Metro interface for Microsoft to prove that its unique copyrightable and patentable "look and feel" was NOT the only way to create a tablet. 
I'm just a Google serf. I made my allegiance long ago, just like the Mac fan boys. What's the difference? Let's fight about real shit: Vim vs Emacs
Thanks +Nino Novak but I was talking specifically about tablets (not phones) as was Apple at their event.
+James Field Sorry, my mistake. I'm not sure what Android tablets are used for then... I have 80% of the mobile traffic on my blog from iPad/iPhone/iPod touch, majority of this is from iPad really. No Android tablet is even on the list in Google Webmaster tools. So it's really a mystery to me what these people are doing (shrugs).
I hate to tell everyone this but android is making its move on apple.
People are turning there ipones in for the memoir popular androids like the
s3 ipads are simply over priced for what they do. My phone can do more thsn
an ipad can
I say I'm going to own both! Android phone but for my gaming, apple ipod. # the best of both worlds!
Ipad will be niche soon enough, just like macs were to windows.
I will never get sick of my iphone 5 +David Hiersche . My Motorola lasted a year and was always buggy , I went through 6 droids in a year . No thanks 
Thanks +Nino Novak, that pretty much concurs with Apple's findings (in fact, Tim Cooke even said something along the lines of "I don't know what these Android tablets are being used for!")

Personally, I don't do much 'general browsing' on my tablet.  I get content from the Play store, watch YouTube videos, use GMaps, play games, use G+, write documents, etc.  Maybe this is the disparity and iPad users do more general browsing.
+James Field how do you think i read this web article? nook color cm7.2 ftw lol
Why is everybody fighting over iOS or Android. Microsoft has just released the surface and they've been selling faster than any single Android tablet. People may dismiss it but its their first tablet and its pretty good.
Also the Android tablet that is selling the best isn't the cutting edge Nexus 7, it is actually the Kindle fire which doesn't actually use ICS or the play store.
Now the kindle fire could take the iPads market share by itself as soon as they add 3G, this is because Amazon really do get what people use tablets for. Content.

Oh and by the way it wasn't apple that said 90% of web traffic was from iOS devices it was Google but I don't think it was as high as 90% it was more like 60 or 70 percent.
Maybe iOS users are less efficient with their web browsing ? 0_o
Most people who do use an iPad or a reader and call it a tablet are
computer illiterate. The ipad is fun, easy but is far from a computer.
Close source, no flash, no ports. That puts u at the mercy of apple, the
same thing android users are getting for free, apple users have to pay. U
Vann only hope that the app you want is there
+C. Anthony Esposito II I know the nexus has better spec than the Fire. What I said is that no matter how good the specifications it can never outsell the Fire. Simply because the content Eco system around the fire is better and that Amazon understands what the average user needs in a tablet whereas google is more interested in the techie hacker community which is a very small niche market.
+Art Silva Tablets may not have been designed to replace PCs but, for better or worse they have done. The only reason there was a huge boom in people purchasing computers during the 90s was because of the commercialisation of the World Wide Web. The majority of people use a desktop computer for web pages and email, a task that a tablet does perfectly. 
Why buy a PC when you don't really need one?

A tablet and a blue tooth keyboard is plenty for most people, and doesn't get full of cruft, registry rot, virii, worms and crap like a PC does.
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