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Dave Choy
I'm more than happy with Android thanks very much. 
You can't call it metro anymore and no I don't think windows 8 will be successful on any level. Companies have had a hard enough time moving users to windows 7, 8 isn't going to happen.
w8 looks nice and it actually works very well. Best I've seen from microsoft to this day!
Anyone who thinks Windows 8 is not good is wrong. It's the best version of Windows yet
Windows 8 is really nice and I'm not on a touch screen I'm impressed with it overall 
Well those of us in the tech industry actually try new stuff. Microsoft gives away all the software new, for beta testing anyway.
I got my full copy of 8 Pro X64 thru my school for free I love it Current specs 1.65 Ghz AMD E-450 APU, 15.6 Inch non-touch, 8GB RAM and Windows 8 flys on my laptop 
By the way I was a big opposer to 8 in Beta and Release Preview!
The points that were made in this article were very persuasive. Timing is everything and right now the getting is good!
None of you have used windows 8 apparently, it's pretty awesome!
Yeah I like 8 and it is going to be a very big deal for a while
I updated From Vista to Windows 8, it is a great OS but the Internet Explorer do no open... just don't open... use google search (cant install chrome without IE...) to browse web (which is possible but limited so far)...
Pretty frustrating to install a brand new Windows and the IE is broken... ended up using my Nexus 7 more then ever.
+João Renato Leal  that is weird do you have another PC if so use it to get Firefox installer or the Offline Chrome installer and then use that to install on your 8 machine
Overall 8 is a very stable platform! I have a hard drive that has 7 on it but I have yet to find any issues with 8 that push me to install my other hard drive into my laptop 
chrome has these  so called apps...not such a big deal..;)
Ok that was completely off the topic of the article but ok lol
Thats the main reason for me not switching to a windows phone. There isn't even a dedicated soundcloud app. :(
I love the deversity of this thread lol goes from 8 to windows phone and back to 8 lol
no i used 8 preview which i ended up making in to a desktop version.,.since i dont have touch screen
What an idiotic article. Just because everyone has Windows doesn't mean that they're suddenly going to abandon their trusty game clients (like Steam). Yes, people are going to try buying things from the Win 8 store, and yes, they might like what they see, but Steam has got loads of years ahead of MS in gaming, and there are communities on Steam that people won't leave easily.
I'm almost done converting some of mine apps. I believe I'll be the first delivering those kind of apps, and that can end being great for me! 
really gives a new meaning to the term metro-sexual lol
Windows 8 gives me a terrible sense of deja vu since it operates the same way the Zune HD did with mediocre development and care. I see the same thing happen to the windows phone, same thing to the Xbox, and now the all powerful windows PC is now limiting itself to such decent OS...its very sad. 
Uhhh... steam already did the wal-mart effect this article speaks of. Windows 8. Will only succeed when it becomes the default installation of OEMs. More and more of them are offering Ubuntu. They are hedging their bets. I wouldn't count on windows 8 either.
Windows 8 is sweet. Give it a shot.
I like it. They really did something nice with this version. And its also ultra cheap. 
For people who say NO - it's not a option at all, sooner or later eventually you all will use windows 8, may be you will keep cursing it but still you will use it! 
I like W8 on my PC but because I'm on GDocs, Gmail, etc., I won't become their target market.
+Praveen Kumar not using it now. I haven't used windows in quite a while. Linux for the win. Have a friend who has a mac. She hasn't used windows in a long time either. Don't make silly claims you can't prove.
the same devs that got screwed with w6x, 7, 7.8, and now wp8 transitions ? with zero user base ? microsofts mobile division is d e a d dead.
Well haters gonna hate. We all know that Windows won't be gone for a long long time at the top of desktop and laptop OS choices.
+Justin Welenofsky I agree with you.   thats why they should try a $249 chromebook.  Its amazing what you can do with just Google Chrome.  Also, my chromebook scored a 1169 on Peacekeeper browser benchmark test while the new overpriced MS Surface RT scored 348.  
Already did. Put it on my Mac and it runs amazingly beautiful. Added more software from the free promotions and I've got to say it is pretty great as an os.
+Justin Welenofsky I think what you said kind of drives the point of the article.  Not only will you have a browser but another little window to get yourself some Apps. Whether its a game or productivity app, you'll be looking for something one day.  I just wonder how big the Windows Market will get.  The roll-out of Windows 8 was different, and having apps that work across all your devices (if you buy in) could garner the market, again if people buy-in.  If I was farther in my education and had an app at this point I'd be working right now to get it into a windows market.
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