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You can always count on Buffett to protect his wealth by ensuring no one else can accumulate it.
+Robin C. M. Staple No he isn't. Buffett is calling for higher income taxes, not capital gains taxes.

The really rich don't take income. Buffett for example earns $100,000 a year in income. The tax hikes won't affect him. If you read the article you'd know this.
Good for you! I hope I fall in the same boat of the untouched. 
What a ridiculous comment.

"Many of us benefiting from it have been asking for it to end for years because it is so vastly unfair."

If they think it's unfair and they want it to end, why don't they just send an additional 10-20% of their income to the government as a sort of "personal tax"?

I'm not buying the self-righteous "I should be paying more" argument unless I see some substantial personal donations to charity or in additional voluntary taxes. If he keeps the extra money then complains about it, it's all just empty words. 
so basically, the author wants to be able to steal savings from those whom he determines is too wealthy? what a perverted train of thought
Reminds me of a story I read years ago...I think it was called..."Robin Hood "....sooo..Rich people didn't see this coming after getting bailed out .????

A man caught robbing a bank was asked why he did it..."that's where all the money is", he replied...
Whatever Warren Buffett says, whatever position he takes, we can rest assured that it is calculated to benefit his bottom line in some way,

Here's a brutal takedown ol' saintly grandpa Warren:

But it's actually worse than the article suggests.

Buffett actively campaigns for the perpetuation of the estate tax, then he seeks out family-owned businesses that the estate tax is forcing the family to sell (because the value of the business for estate purposes is far more than the family has cash on hand), and he offers a price between the amount of the tax and the value of the business, so he gets a boost in his balance sheet instantly, while the family takes a loss.
He is just flat-out evil.
Uh Michael, the top 10% already accounted for 70% of the tax burden and the poor and middle class are going to be hit hard by the upcoming taxes imposed by ACA. 
If you pay the same RATE as us all, i have no complaints. I think we should vote for a flat tax IMO.
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