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"The Microsoft Surface is a great kitchen computer, and sadly, that’s about it." Where do you use yours?
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Because of the 16:9 aspect ratio, I have replaced our main TV with it for movie watching.
Has place, all good.
kitchen, but have to pause Netflix when I turn on the tap because there is hardly any volume.
I'm not a huge supporter of everyone's an of these really. I have a MS desktop and an Android phone. I used to have an iPhone but I switched over to Android to see what the hype was about. For some MS is efficient, for some Apple is efficient, But calling this woman an idiot is definitely not.
I don't really get this article. It says its an unprofessional opinion, but why is such a text being published anyway? It makes as much sense as to publish just anybodies opinion. Lets just find a clown that has never seen a tablet in his life and have him publish his opinion on them on TC.
This article says more about TC than anything else. 
The Surface is just fine. I am very critical of electronics and the Microsoft Surface is a good piece of work. Haters of windows are entitled to their opinions.
I really like windows, and I got a Surface so I could get maximum use with my xbox membership- he asked where I use it- I use it in the kitchen, what's wrong with that?
The topic is irrelevant; its the style and content of the article that is pointless and insipid. Sounds like a person with too many first world problems. Aww, poor baby. 
This article really doesn't say much, and even less of it is constructive. The author littered pseudo-concessions (Oh don't get me wrong, I really love the OS design style, the live tiles...) to make the article seem less biased, but come on. This article honestly reads as an amateur tech writer wanting to impress her readers by appealing to the anti-Microsoft sentiments she believes they have.

I have no interest in buying one myself, but I really enjoyed playing around with the Surface at the Microsoft store.
I like it, I just wish Netflix would fix their volume shortcomings- and I know I am not alone with that opinion. The xbox music volume is fine.Sorry- off topic again...better go to bed and take my Surface with me.
Since I'm using a Samsung with Stylus pen, I'm happy to use it with OneNote to completely replace my mobile/notebook/notes needs.
Without the pen, though, just reading and movies.
MS Surface is great!
I think it is the perfect device for a student for class notes.
Office in a tablet is nothing but revolutionary.
Nat J
MS Surface definitely a great device but like the iPad Mini a very wrong price. And with all the negative buzz around Microsoft products, they should have been competing with the Nexus in price rather than the iPad in order to get the surface into the hands of as many users as possible. But we know Microsoft, they wont stop till they finally dominate.  
There goes Techcrunch again...publishing articles paid for by Apple. Shame on you Techcrunch. You used to be unbiased. I guess Apple dollars changed that huh?
I really wanted to like the Surface too, but in reality, as thought-out as it is in terms of innovation, it just doesn't feel right as a laptop or a tablet.
It looks like it's meant for non-geeks,yes a kitchen computer.
ime sure DJ's will want the pro one them just to run abletron live on
This article was a tough read, because if the format. That's to say it was a flat out opinion, biased or not. The writer can't be wrong because of that. I don't own a surface, not have I ever touched one. That said, based on my feelings about the device, the writer simply isn't the right fit for the device, but the other way around. Use what you like, and what likes you, they is nothing wrong with that.
so why doesn't she like it? sounds like its cause it's too big of a switch just like Apple products were for her a few years back,

pretty bad article
"Price sensitive Android users..." - yes, because we're all so poor.  I hate this argument.  The fact that Apple conditioned users to pay (a lot) for most things turns into an argument that somehow Android users are second class citizens.  
I dont and I love every minute of not using it.
It's kind of ironic that the author talks about getting into Apple products after some hesitation and then, after learning how to use them, loved them. This ain't your grandpa's Windows, and you have to relearn some things. The more I learn about Windows 8 and my Surface, the more I love them, though.
+Adam Prescott  I wish more people understood that concept...  How is anything going to improve if we fret any type of learning curve, right?
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