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Designer imagines what an iPhone phablet and iPhone mini might look like -
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Even the designer cannot imagine the iphone to look any different than what it was 4 years ago, apart from the size. Oh Apple, what have you done to our creativity?? 
+Sundeep Mithran Not to be rude or disrespectful, but it seemed to died with Steve Jobs. I'm almost at the point of relinquishing my iPhone for something better. Come on Apple. 
No home button and no new home screen buttons to replace it
So. You just add and take away rows and columns of icons. Very imaginative. :) 
Why would you want a big screen on a IPhone phablet, if you can even use widgets! Big screens full of apps sucks!
Maybe one day the iOS devs well get their head out of 2007 and realize widgets are a great thing, especially in the tablet realm.
Yeah, but it would still have that restrictive, inflexible iOS on the thing... (iphone 5 owner for work)
Really? I can make a "concept" Prius limousine just by stretching it in PhotoShop. And who in their right mind would want a thousand icons spanning their entire device? Maybe the "designer" could show the device using a widget, since that would really be a conceptual idea for an iOS device.
I agree with everyone else. This is pretty dumb.
Soo a bigger iphone. Don't we already have one of those? 
Just when you thought people couldn't get any more stupid, someone comes out with a better idiot.
#Android #FTW forget Apple they'll never change or innovate past what you see right now. IPhone is boring in design and way of use. And that ui is beyond boring. Android on the other hand is innovative takes risks and is showing how successful they've become. With every new release the os gets so much better offers up more and devices look amazing like the @HTC #HTCone 
Fanboys are annoying. Say something more intelligent than "android rules" or "apple rules". Ubuntu is going to conquer the market with their new OS for phones and their new phones. And cook has no idea what he is doing, I would say apple stock will be the lowest in years by 2014 after people realize they don't have to overpay for things that are available free. Good luck.
Nice concept...move the home key and double the
Apple needs to develop a new concept on how to name their device...come up with one name followed by the size you want...small (phone), medium (mini), or large (tablet).
Dammit, +TechCrunch!  How about some actual news, instead of an 'article' about an artist rendition of what a new Apple device might look like, which is just a differently shaped iPhone with the Home button the side.
+Jared Kellen I honestly don't see ubuntu getting that far. Android and iOs are too far established and well known for something to come and take over. Also they don't have an app ecosystem, and will not do well just like windows 8. 
If I photoshop a Note II into different sizes, can I call it 'What the Note III Might Look Like' and get an article on +TechCrunch too?
I am still looking forward to see an ipad micro and an iphone maxx both at the size of 5". So your choice is basically just the name. :)
If apple does that, they are probably copying the samsung galaxy idea... and yet they would probably file a lawsuit against samsung anyway. LOL
I'm stunned how readily the Fandroids have turned a lacklustre imagining by a non Apple designer into the usual Hate Apple cliches that riddle Google+. This platform is often lauded as being full of intelligent people however you only have to mention Apple and the vitriol flows almost instantly. Read the article and then you'll see this is not an Apple design. 
iPad minipad and maxipad. Hmmm, not buying
Do you think they woukd realky make a phablet or mini

Well they might if 50million of each is sold in a single year
Same shit, diferrent toilet.... Actually same toilet
All this over a illustration of a idea that looks as if the illustrator Drew one and just streched and skewed the others. Whack, non story. Sorry I even commented on this.
Iphone Mini???? I don't think thatz a good idea
Jailbroken ios = infininitely more options(including widgets) than even rooted android. I torrent, download misic straight from pandora, emulate more consoles than android can, have more apps/games than android, and customize the ui to my liking. Its all preference. Neither is better. Its all about what you want to do. They both suck ass stock. Utill you root your android or jailbreak your ios you really cant make an educated decision. And i hate to say it but my ipod touch 2nd gen is still funtional after multiple drownings, drops and cracks. My galaxy s dropped once and broke and my droid was killed by water damage because i had it in the bathroom so i could listen to music in the shower. Apples devices are much more durable and can take way more abuse. Androids arent even cheaper. The high end androids usually cost about the same or more than the current iphone. Apple devices(including laptops) have far superior battery life than their counterparts. My unibody macbook survived spills, drops, and extreme temperatures and i havent had to do an osri since i got it in 2008 and it functions just as well as it did(better actually due to software updates) when i got it. No viruses, so i can just download whatever i want. I wanna play a windows only game? No problem i just use wine. I have way more difficulty doing stuff like that on linux due to crappy ui or having to use terminal to accomplish things my apple does naturally, like dual booting windows or mac. Apple haters obviously have never owned a mac. The company is in trouble though because tim cook is not an idea guy like jobs was. Android has too many issues with compatiblity, os differences and way too many models available, so developers shy away from it. Its like if windows had 15 completely different versions(not just grades like home starter and home premium) and the pc manufacturers were all using very different proprietary hardware. The iphone has more developers because of that. The cameras have actual lenses on them so they take better pictures. There is more to a picture than just megapixels(youre 1080p tv is just around 2 megapixels btw). For a clear image you need a good lense. Thats basic photography. The androids lack a lense and so to make up for the clarity loss they added more pixels. Its still a blurry picture with bad exposure levels even at 10 megapixels(10 million pixels). Androids feel like cheap pieces of plastic. Even if they pack a bit more power there arent many apps on android that would make use of it. I was fortunate to grow up in a house with mac, windows, and linux and was therefore able to make an informed decision about operating systems. I cant stand microsofts products as they are overpriced(as low end as the hardware is it should be way cheaper and the os is waaaay overpriced. Apples are also a bit overpriced but they use much higher quality parts. i mean higher quality as in construction, durability and power consumption not just speeds. I can make a honda thats faster than a ferrari or a porsche but the ferrari amd porsche are still higher quality cars). Haters are gonna hate but by being such you are just denying yourselves a quality product with a long life. Besides if you want you can go buy a brand new mac, and the resale value next year will only be a couple hundred less, so you can resell it and buy the new model every year for only a couple hundred. Or you can go buy a new pc that is worthless next year. im cheap so i buy and resell apple because i cannot afford to stay current woth pc(as a graphic deaigner and video editor staying current is a necessity. Plus i get a tax write off because i use it for work. Apple is cheap if you are clever. PC is just not stable enough for me to rely on for my income. I have a homebrew that is collecting dust now because i just never need ti use it since i can do it all on my mac. It loads faster, the battery lasts longer the screen is clearer, and the unibody design is thinner and lighter than a comparable pc laptop. And i still cant find the pc that outspecs the mac pro desktop(the current model was released over 2 years ago). Stop being a hater. Seriously, why does it offend you so much? Dont like it? Dont buy it. Its that simple. You must be a miserable bunch of people to be so upset at a device you dont even own. I dont hate android, ots just not my choice. And the more i hear fandroids hate spewing all over the internet the less i want an android. If owning and android makes you that much of a hater then it cant be that good of a device because you are so concerned with apple that you have to troll every apple article and spew ignorant hatred. 
I mean an Iphone Mini is basiclly a Ipod Touch. But, thatz my opinion
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