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Morgan Stanley got fined $5M over the Facebook IPO, uh oh. 
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Not enough. Zuckerberg and crew should be taken down as well. Inside job at its finest.
I bet Morgan Stanley Brokers Xmas Bonuses were much more then the Fine.
I'm pretty sure any amount of fine won't help the other investors losses.
I figured out it was a bad investment when I saw the movie when Edwardo was trying to make money with it and Zuckerberg says "I dont even know what Facebook is yet"  If you can't stick an ad in there I want to look at then forget it.
this is what college stocks look like
Fortunately for Morgan Stanley they have $5M in an old shoe out the back. $5M are you serious. How about penalties that actually mean something?
And you thought all the crooks we weeded out on Wall St. Hardly.
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