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No hot SXSW app this year? Here’s why -

How many of you are going this year?
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I will definitely be there. But then again, I live in Austin. EDIT - I posted that before I read your article. I think you're right, this isn't a time for breakout mobile startups, it seems (at least to me) like a time for better mousetraps, for startup cage-matches in mobile, etc - not the blowout mobile startup launches we saw in years past. So while SXSW will be again a great party this year, for TC, it might be light on content from mobile startups.
Agree that 2008 - 2011 was a special time...then the suits showed up.
Didn't read the article. I +1'd for the thumbnail 
you carry a media device or a credit card the suits will always show up.
Glitz, glam, and glop
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