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I am not sure about anything about shopping, the best thing is see web results as always. They cannot be paid (they say) and you will get better results on Google almost every time.
Google has been very transparent about this change. But I don't like it. I use Google for quality search, this is not that.
+Chris Harris I don't like this change either, but I dislike even more the way MS trying to skewer the facts...
Marketing campaign designed by a political smear agency?  I bet their rates were cheap, with the election newly over.
It will come down to whom you trust in the search and social landscape. This is at least second time MS came out with a blatant lie (their privacy policy changes spring to mind). If they continue with smear campaigns users will sooner or later see through it.
whats this bing you speak of?
Bing isn't that great. I've tried it and I am not impressed at all. Google, in my comparison, has far more quality content. 
Since I don't pay for either search service, I'm happy to have both.  My theory is that they must have different enough algorithms that they'll return different result sets; if I'm not getting what I want from one, I'll try the other.  
Mark C
I thought I'd test this.
Typed the same search into both Google and Bing.
Results came back, Google has a tab to filter to only shopping.
Bing came back with results and I'm still trying to find out where I get prices.
Currently the only useful feature I've found on Bing is that it can find the Google search page.
I guess that happens when you search on Google Shopping, right? When I search for a product on Google, I almost always get an Amazon related result first. So, I think Microsoft is the one trying to mislead people (and also Techcrunch, but that is expected).
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