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Wedding Party, the mobile app that lets guests contribute photos to gorgeous, shared albums, has scored a million-dollar seed round -
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Or you could just, you know, set your wedding as a Google+ event and share photos that way
Ah, Google+'s "Party Mode" idea in Hangouts
Like Events in G+ but only for weddings? And will Google buy it when it becomes too popular? Or will Facebook buy this within a few months for a billion? Looks fun though for G+/FB haters.
I wonder how it compares head-to-head with google+ party mode?

In my eyes this starts off in the negative considering party mode is Integrated into your google account.

I bet this is aimed at those who are not google users.
+Christiaan Kramer  Not sure I understand your logic.  Googles Party mode set the standard.  This stand alone app, now creates competition and most likely google will respond with some amazing update.  Why would Google be interested?  I would think wedding party would want google engineers/designers/product managers.

The advantage of Googles party mode is it's already integrated into your account.  The way I read it, is Wedding party has to be uploaded to facebook after the fact.  Also, they released and Android product that is subpar, stating, "The Android version isn't yet feature-complete compared with the iPhone app".
+Kenn Harlem It was tongue in cheek ;-)

As I understand it you can download the App and then have the choice to share it on FB or not. Is it not, then you have to make an account at Wedding Party.
Awesome app exclusively for wedding events!
+Douglas Strinz All the more reason for ios fans to switch to Android!  he he he.  LOL  This is why i mentioned the app is for those who most likely aren't google product users.
+Kenn Harlem I have a Galaxy Nexus for Verizon......need I say anymore? The lack of updates put a bad taste in my mouth so back to my iPhone 5 I went. 
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