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Developers, have you found this to be true? Do you make more money on iOS than Android?
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I read this news earlier today. For me it doesn't mean much. On iOS, AFAIK a user is expected to pay for each iDevice he have for the apps he purchased (I'm not really sure since I only have 1 iPad). On Android it's different where a user only need to pay once and the same purchased app can be used across all active Android devices he has, IIRC up to 5 active devices at one time? (I have 2 Android phones right now and it really works that way). I think that could also partially explains why iOS Appstore generates more revenue than Google Play.
+Halfey Halphstein I think for iOS/App Store it's just per account. So very similar to Android/Play. Except the App Store has no refund period. But then again, I only have one iPod Touch so I don't really know for sure. 
I have both an iPad and iPhone- apps I purchase are available on both devices.  Both devices are registered on the same account and relatively consistent technology wise- iPad2 and iPhone 4s.
I had three iphones all simultaneously under my iTunes account and I had my paid apps all consecutively on all three just like on android I have them across all my old phones
On Android once you pay for an app you can download it across as many devices as you own. In iOS you have to pay for iPad and iPhone versions, its up to the developer on Android
I'm pretty sure that on most things on IOS a single purchase can be installed across multiple devices using the same account (though I think there might be a 5 device limit - please correct me if I'm wrong).  I believe it wasn't always this way, but it is definitely this way today.
+Halfey Halphstein not true. my wife and i have iphones and an ipad and except for some apps that are coded to be iphone or ipad specific they all work across all our devices
with android we would have to create a dummy gmail address to share apps. and with iOS 6 you don't even need an apple ID for free apps
My revenue on Android has gone way up.  One of my lil $1 apps used to only make $150 give or take...This month its made more than $700.  As always, its going to be given to a cancer patient in need.

+Alen Teplitsky They work across all devices because there really isn't much difference between the iphone and ipads.  just screen size.  The same for Android.  Same apps work on all the others.  If the dev is good enough, you can use the same installer for all screen sizes and still give them unique looks.

On android you don't have to create a dummy gmail account.  You create the account to associate it with Google Checkout so you can get paid for your ads and paid apps.
We spend quite a bit on apps on android having some 10 android devices running in our house across 4 different gmail accounts.  That said, we would use significantly more if developers would make more pay apps.  Many of the add or in app purchase driven apps that I use, I would gladly pay a few dollars for in order to remove the ads and in app purchase offers.  I think the cycle of android not generating as much revenue is perpetual in that developers keep reading that android users don't pay for apps, so they keep creating apps we can't pay for, and so on.
+Barbara Dieffenderfer Curiosity question, but can you control that?  That would annoy the crap out of me as my tablet needs are much different from my phone needs.  We had this discussion the other day with a friend who is an apple person, and he didn't think there was any way to keep that from happening.   With android, if you pay for an app, you can decide which of your devices it installs on.  
same with iOS. don't set up automatic downloads on your device and install whatever you want on which ever device you want
I never will put ads in my apps.  They ruin them.  Besides, unless the app/game is widely used, you aren't going to make any money by having them.  Some devs just do so lazily.  They think that they can throw a few quick apps together, make them free, put some ads in them and just let people download them.  They think they'll just be able to sit back and rake in the money.  Doesn't work that way.  Users will pay for the app if you take the extra time to make it look nice and function well.

In app purchases are kinda lame too.  they make it so that you can't really play the game or use the app without also paying for the extra in app addons....which of course have no refund period on them.
+Alen Teplitsky lol...well let's be honest here...Apple doesn't just let you install whatever you want....only what they say you can.
really? out of the million or so apps in the app store i always find something i need. and if you buy the enterprise license than your company can develop its own apps and install them on the company's devices without going through the app store
Really.  Apple doesn't let a developer just upload and distribute any app to the public.  They'll take down anything that duplicates what an iOS stock app does.  This has been an issue for iOS devs for some time now.  Apple also has a habit of just taking your app/idea and then suing you later for the rights to your invention.  But hey...its Apple, what do ya expect.

With Android there is no need for an Enterprise account.  Just make the app, and have people install the app...that's it.  Don't even need a dev account for that.
so why is apple killing android in the enterprise market?

and the apple nazi thing is more hype than anything else. there are lots of ios maps apps. lots of transit apps. just try competing with google in that. my Apple pages word processor app will even natively export into dropbox and other apps.
iOS absolutely pays better than Android, I have considered dropping Android entirely but keep hoping the situation will change
What?  Because of the hype around Apple.  Apple releases something new and everyone jumps on it like its some new groundbreaking invention when in reality its behind on tech compared to other devices and a lot of what is in them are stolen ideas anyway.  But whatever...its Apple, they admit that much.

Why is Android topping iPhone now?  Exactly.

And no, it isn't hype on the control factor.  Its why I moved from iOS development and went to aOS.

Why bring up the maps thing?  That was a huge failure for them, not something to brag about.

HAHAHAHAHA....  Lots, and I mean LOTS of aOS apps do and have exported to Dropbox...that isn't anything new for aOS.
+Guy Cole Ok....guess I didn't see a 700% increase in sales of my apps this past month....yeah....aOS apps aren't on the rise.
I am happy for you, always glad to see someone doing well.  Did Google+ just turn into slashdot?  I have been supporting both platforms since 2009, with similar apps in both markets.  My iOS sales have always been much better than Android.  But I'm glad it is working for you.
It can work for anyone really.  You just gotta put the effort into it.  Of course, the first step is to make a quality app that people will want to pay for.  Then you can't just throw it up on the market and hope people will just pay for it.  You gotta throw some simple marketing and SEO into the mix.

But in general, devs of any platform can't ignore the fact that Android is now the most used mobile platform.  To anyone with business sense, they'll see that as a large potential customer pool.  I would say that the marketing strategies for iOS and aOS devs need to be approached differently.
+Alen Teplitsky Just compare the iPhone 5 with Android devices that came out around the same time....namely the S3.  The tech and specs for the most part aren't on par.
Ok, to each their own.  the point is that whenever Apple releases a new one, they plug it as though its new and groundbreaking.  As though they've invented something new.  Then you compare the tech and specs with other devices and you find the Apple stuff is lacking.  I personally buy for the specs, not the logo.  :)
Barbara...chill... I never said YOU.  Now who's assuming?  :)  It was a general statement.  Face it, we all know it, many people out there buy iPhones based on that hype.  They're average devices on the spec charts.
i've been around tech since the 80's and paper specs always lose. clock speed never beats better architecture. Athlon64's beat out Intel CPU's at twice their clock speed. and today's i Core CPU's are a lot slower when measured by clock speed than what intel made 10 years ago. so when i read how a CPU in an android phone is 1.5GHz and the A5 or A4 is only 1GHz i don't pay any attention.

i carry an oldish android phone as well and when compared to an iphone from the same year its crappy and slow. even though it has 3 times the RAM

when i still had my 4S i went to the store to compare it to the original Galaxy Note and S3. the screens are bigger but when you compare quality of the screen the iphone is better. and paper resolution is paper specs. display makers have been using software to lie about the true resolution since the late 1990's.
Android users love use ad blocker and download app for free!
In order words, Apple users have money and Android users are cheap.
+Nick Deuel get the facts straight omg... Google+ is so biased against iOS... its like the social network for ignorant raging Android fanboys
+Mafer Yu  stop joking around , like apple user don't jail break to download free apps 
Sorry, sold my Macbook... no development for idevices. Love my linux laptop that cost me much less than the Mac. To add insult to injury, Apple adds $100 for the developer to be given the opportunity to develop for ios. With android I can develop on any device... including my phone/tablet. You can make apps for yourself for free and publishing to the play store costs $25 per account. 
Just last month my app revenue on aos topped iOS, I'm thinking of dropping iOS all together
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