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Facebook Tries Letting You Pay To Guarantee Message Delivery, Changes Messaging Privacy Settings
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Pay to e-mail? To guarantee delivery? In 2013?  Seriously, when does the Facebook exodus start?  
hah, wow.  they aren't going to give up till all the consumers have run away I guess...
Are they meaning, "Messages" as in INBOX or "messages" as in updates...?
JOSH CONSTINE who wrote this crap, must either be a complete blithering idiot or have stocks in facebook. 
Ha ha.. Is that like UDP vs. TCP? We'll give you our best effort. ;)
Sounds like a great deal to me. At least until some one invents a method of contacting some one directly via a private number or something. ;P
If you wanted to send an important message to someone, I wouldn't use facecrap I'll use my Gmail for that.
"Hey Vinny, maybe sometimes the message gets there and sometimes it doesn't. Fagetabout it." [shrug]
+Damon Wolfe +Nathaniel Walker I actually tried to set up a Myspace account the other day because I've been hearing that they improved it a lot. 

I spent 15 minutes trying to get through the sign up process (didn't want to link it to my facebook account). The site has crazy issues where certain fields would not appear in chrome. I tried IE9, some of the buttons did not work so I couldn't advance the page. Switched to firefox and managed to get through it.

I tried to log in after clicking the "confirm your account" link and it insists that there is no account with that email address. I went back and tried to create an account again...  "there is already an account with that email address. Please use the login button to access your account".

I tried to contact customer service... As far as I can tell, there is none. Anyways, it was a great way to waste some time and get my blood pressure up. ;P
Facebook is the next myspace dead nod gone for profit and not the user this is why I am on G+
I just deleted FB as I have been thinking about it for awhile.. Unfortunately it takes 14 days to be permanent.. I like google+ better.. Although I am still trying to figure out things here.. I keep receiving emails on my gmail every time tech crunch publishes something.. I just wish I could get only the app notifications instead of both.. Lol
+Dexter Palumbi click the gear icon near the top right. Click setting, and remove the check marks on emailing notifications.
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