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Would you pay for a membership to Reddit to keep ads away and get extra features? Maybe Digg would have been successful if it had done this.
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this may sound crazy but I just visited for the very first time.
haha. Stumbleupon. So much better.
The ability to browse another website is insignificant next to the power of the Reddit.
I would pay for it depending on what would come with the paid membership.
They are owned by Conde Nast. Why are they trying to act independent? 
I visit almost daily, at the very least going through the front page.  I never see ads though. Adblock to the rescue.  That being said, I am still considering one day going gold, just to support the site that I spend a significant amount of time on.

Someone mentioned stumbleupon.  That's a decent service as well, but it's no Reddit, not even the same sort of service.
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