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"People expect a better search experience on Facebook. We are working on improvements to better meet those expectations but are not in talks to enter into a new search partnership."
After lots of speculation and argument yesterday about whether Facebook is discussing a search partnership with Yahoo, Facebook just sent me a brief statement denying that such talks are actually taki...
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About as good an idea as Apple maps.
Actually, I could give a crap about search on Facebook. I'm there to communicate and engage, not seek people or things out. That's what Google is for. 
Google creating a social network to provide semantic context to aid its search engine?  Brilliant.

Facebook beefing up its search capabilities to make it easier to find social content while at the same time hiding content from pages whose owners don't pay a fee?  In what world does that make any sense?
Search on Facebook, to look for more people who I could give two spits about.
Yahoo and Facebook can disappear into technology history. Just save Flickr. :-)
How about spending some time on targeted advertising. One billion members later & they still haven't got it sorted!
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