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Maybe switch to Disqus?
You want commenters back? Stop posting useless trash like this

I remember when techcrunch was worth reading, but the past couple years all you guys post is #clickbait. The article content exists solely to piss someone off enough to comment about how wrong you are
Anyone reading this, consider taking +TechCrunch out of your circles and stop sharing their articles. Find an informative and unbiased tech journalism site. There's plenty out there without subjecting yourself to this dribble.
Engadget switched to Livefyre a while back too. Now I have two places to hate it. It wont let me log in via Android. 
Feel free to speak for yourself, +Jeremy Reger; I couldn't care less what comment system they use.
I generally comment directly in G+ these days
Being an asshole is actually good.. Enjoy your stay scumbags 
I'll also keep commenting on G+, especially since we can't share our comments through lyvefire. Whatever... Ghost town has inhabitants now, maybe start thinking about them. 
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