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There’s already an Apple in the games industry: the games industry -
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An Apple logo on a great PS3 controller.... The blasphemy of this picture...
Matt Barile
How dare you put this apple logo on this ps3 controller!
Take that fucking logo off that controller 
That's it. I'm done waiting for TC to do something other than plug Apple shit. Unsubscribed.
As much as i get tired of Apple shit posts like this. I feel the same way about Sony.
The best way to respond to crap like this "Mute Post" and / or "Unfollow"
yall iz sum game freaks like  who puts tht up dere
Watching trolls attach opinion posts is always entertaining, but I do see what they are saying. one read the article eh? The article that didn't plug any kind of apple product.

Lesson learned +TechCrunch Next time you'd better summize your entire article into the picture. 
Did any of you actually read the article, or did you just start bashing it the second you saw the word 'Apple?' Because this article makes some fairly compelling arguments and echoes what many people actually in the games industry have been saying.
Screw the article! BURN THEM!
^^^these are some people who just couldn't get past a stupid picture...     -_-
Apple was at one time the premium but no longer.
Unsubscribe? Really? Are there still that many people who expect people's actions to match their words? These are the same clowns who bitch and moan every time Facebook changes their terms of service but can't delete their accounts because they "need it for my business." 'Wha? Delete huh? Humina humina humina...'
I am surprised they have not sued Ubisoft for the Apple of Eden in Assassin's creed.
Seriously ? Who cares ? Apple, sony, Nintendo, anyone else, first, sell goods games at good prices, you bunch of crapy thieves !
Dan Lam
This article used plenty of pseudo-buzzwords and quizzical phrases, but said very little in its rambling about Apple and gaming. Everyone in this room is now dumber for having listened to it... +TechCrunch I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.
اين يباع هذا المنتج فى مصر من فضلكم؟؟؟؟
I was expecting the apple controller to have one button to turn the system on. After that apple will play what they think you should play.
Apple wishes that they were as awesome as Sony.
I feel like the "casual gamer" stigma on tablet and phone gaming will never allow them to be serious platforms for high end, hardcore games. As much as mobile technology may improve, they don't have the reputation for gaming that +PlayStation, Nintendo, and Xbox have. I'm curious to see if the +OUYA can overcome this.
Jake: No. Ouya will be a novelty for indie and homebrew, that's about it.
+Matt Kerr I figured that would be the case. I'm still getting one to check it out, though.
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