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2012 21.5-inch Apple iMac review: slim, sleek, and stylish, but far from shallow -

Do you want one?
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I'm thinking a 27" will be sitting on my desk in a couple months.
When it's priced fairly and comes with Linux preinstalled as the only OS I'll consider it.
I would like one, how much does it o for?
How do you get around no CD/DVD drive??!!! I worried about that mostly for installing software.
Just to get a thin all in in one?? Are you people out of your mind??

I can build a computer with three times more power, for half that amount!!

They aren't even progressive anymore!! Everyone else at least has touch screen abilities, showing that Apple is WAY behind!!!
+Aaron Veverka Or just build it, use it and like it. Quietly. Alone. I'll buy the next Mac Pro. And it won't be cheap, but it will be good. Remember, you can have cheap, fast or soon - pick two.
Sean M
+Bob Rockefeller, that makes no sense. I could buy cheap and fast parts and have it all as soon as the end of the week. Try again. 
+Sean McGuire absolutely agree!!
+Justin Welenofsky , if you can't provide your own HW support don't pretend to be a techie. When I have an issue, I trouble shoot it. Sometimes it's bad RAM, sometimes it's a bad HDD, or a motherboard.

If you can't trouble shoot it, your not a techie, and that's why there is an Apple, so the clueless people have support.

As for craftsmanship and beauty?
A good techie doesn't have a computer out in the open, you access it from other screens in your house: tv, tablet, laptop.

I work on my computer all the time, but when I have guests they're not working with me.

Btw, my computer is four years old and has higher specs then the new iMac...
+Justin Welenofsky ha! A well stated argument.
I applaud your couth, and the fact you came back with an intelligent response, kudos!

It is true that it depends on your lifestyle, however I'm more of a Linux guy anyhow, so the software I enjoy is normally along the same coding base, in fact normally the same writers.

I'm one that despises it when people go out and get "the best" because someone told them it's the best.
Apple isn't bad, however they've lost their edge, even Woz admits it.
He went so far as to say that Windows is beating them in innovation right now! And he is the co founder of Apple!

So I've got no problem with people that make educated decisions on preference, but not because it's "better".

If Apple was so much better they wouldn't need to rely on Samsung for 60 percent of their parts (iPhone), which incidentally is a good reason to stick with them(Samsung)!
I'll build a PC that will blow it away for less.
Nah, got a cheap HP laptop that does everything I need a computer for.
is any computer, when i say on they turn on, i say print they print, off they off????? just dream.
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