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It is early days and frankly Facebook are still deserving of this investor punishment and sceptical view of graph search due to its IPO fiasco. 
then again, it is axiomatic that markets act randomly.  However, the IPO was not so much a fiasco as an intentional conspiracy to commit 10b5 securities fraud and insider trading profiteering at the expense of the average investor by corporate insiders, Wall Street Insiders, and Those in the Know.  The problem is not the tech, but that the books may be cooked.
If anyone doubts this, they should read one of the hundreds of pending lawsuits over the IPO which speak for themselves, but the impression they leave is that the books are cooked.
S Mann
I'm glad the wrath of greed is paying off.but I'm certain it will prevail to
no surprise here. graph is unimpressive and it seems as if Facebook is throwing out poorly executed ideas just to keep their heads above water
In Google, the Google Knowledge graph is a compliment to the giant meal that is google search (and it is in addition to other compliments such as youtube, Drive, Zagat, maps, Local and Frommers).  Facebook is treating Graph Search as if it was the entire meal.  the thing is, I doubt most people have enough friends posting overlapping commentary over similar things for search results to be particularly useful.
The walled nature of Facebook makes it difficult for this to work without a fully public community. Wonder how long til FB just says " screw it everything is public now." For now tho the search graph is just another volley in a platform war and a recycle of Search Plus Your World
+Sasan Moshirabadi - right, because the geek hoards that inhabit G+ are unable to understand the technical details of what facebook is doing...  :o\
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