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The keyboard lives on as BlackBerry unboxes BB10-based touch-qwerty hybrid Q10 -
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I love that they are advertising a physical keyboard in the age of touchscreens. Do they really think that is going to grab them market share?
Consumers demanded it, so they delivered. Gotta keep the core loyal customers happy. But no, I doubt they are going to focus marketing energy on the Q10 model.
+Ramona Brown I don't know. Yes, there are still loyalists, but I wonder how many are left. I agree that a lot of business people in particular want to hold on to the style of phone to which they are accustomed, however, it seems like just as many are willing to move to an iPhone or Android device. It will be interesting to see what RIM is able to do in the next year.
To be fair, I spend most of my time around college students who wouldn't be caught dead with a Blackberry, so I am out of touch with the target market for this device.
I still miss physical keyboards. Would never trade everything else I got with the s3 for one, but even swype is slower than physical for me. I could email like the wind with the bb 8530, but even after several months on the s3 and another android before it, touchscreen typing is still slower for me.
But it's ugly. There must be some way to make a keyboard device more attractive.
+Mads Thomsen
Ugly  - well I don't know many pretty phones ;)
I think they may have wanted to keep some of the classic BB optics for the nostalgic ?
Yes, it is about their market share growth. i assume this "physical keyboard" is niche yet quite sizeable. Just because the smartphone market is sizeable. Nice Point of Difference versus iPhone or Galaxy
I guess the keyboard has become BlackBerry's USP!
Guess it is momentarily extremely hard to be innovative -
even Apple feels the pain...
Still wondering if Virgin Mobile will get a BB 10 device. We can only hope...
Why won't rim just go out of business already!!! It's over!!!
I am using an old Droid3 precisely because it has a physical keyboard. 
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