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Stick them with the pointy end: Apple files ‘active stylus’ patent -
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Landon R
APPLE: If they're using a stylus they're doing it wrong. SAMSUNG: Hey check out these phones and tablets with a stylus. People: Hey that's pretty cool. APPLE: Quick somethings becoming popular, let's patent it and sue the person who used it first. 
Here we go again. Maybe they can patent writing with your hands next. 
Apple will soon patent the rotary phone because they discovered 'circular dialing'
Bloody hell how bout patent your "finger" for pointing device.. ¢®@p!€
and what do we say to yet another Apple's patent?
I was going to mention the time when Steve jobs said nobody wants a stylus, but it got mention in the article 
It seems revolutionary, innovative and game changing.
well that does it, buying note 2 right now on amazon
+David Horvath am posting this using note 2. If you can get past the size and ppi (display is amazing though), its the best phone out there.
whoa! talk about "falling on your sword"!
Still recall when steve jobs did not endorse the use pf stylus, apple needs to stop with the greed and get back to basics
What do I need a stylus for, I have 10 of them and never lose them.  (Semi-quote from Steve Jobs book)
I think if another developer does release a capacitive stylus with/for their device, when Apple sues them their defense is "show your work."  Because if all they did was file a patent of a possible tech and not develop it, then they filed as a means of interfering in another company's production and not as a means of protecting their own product development from copies.
From my understanding Apple has developed a new way the Stylus pens work compared to how they work now. They didn't patent the stylus pen but rather the technology behind how they got it to work, which I think is opposite to the current way and is suppose to be more effective, so I'm OK with them doing this, still don't like them though.
Well +Alex Watts Apple thinks everything they do is a "new" and more "magical" way of doing something so that doesn't really surprise me.
+Alex Watts "IF" thats what they have done, even I will be ok with it. But so far most of the things that they have done are obvious.
To play devils advocate, I understand the frivolous patents they are filing, considering the recent lawsuits they've filed against Samsung, they just want to get the patent in there first, so if it comes to it, they have more solid grounds to sue. Steve jobs believed Android was a stolen product but initially thought nothing of it to begin with, as did allot of iPhone users and before he knew it, Android blew up in the market place, caught with iOS in terms of functionality and to many surpassed it. They wanted to go "thermo-nuclear" on Android but didn't have enough patents to back their claims, so these recent increase in patents are both pre-emptive and preventative, in that if they need to sue, the patents are there and it should also make companies think twice before "copying" Apple's products. Again still don't like Apple, they're more pretentious then ever, something I never thought possible.
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