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It's clear that Samsung is committed to Silicon Valley. 
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You know if they would stop wasting time with their customized Android skins and ship with stock Android they could probably get away with a small shack of engineers in the valley, save billions and have cheaper phones.

Just stick to making awesome hardware Samsung, it is what you do, and let Google make the awesome software, it is what they do (at least now that 4.x is out).
+Matt Taylor there is absolutely no reason why stock android can't have all the bells and whistle, interesting features etc

All not having stock roms does, is makes the upgrade time much longer. They can install any additional addons they want, through apk files.
I actually like touch wiz on my note 2. Touchwiz has matured to the point where the whole os works in harmony.
No Android phones in the wild in the valley? Even in Mountain View? That's troublesome news for the big G.
Sue you Samsung for copying Apple in choosing the same area...... =P
Hopefully they are building something cool like affordable light sabers. 
+Steve Gehrman maybe you're obsolete? Samsung's menu buttons are awesome sauce poured over win pancakes buddy! HAH!  j/k idc about menu buttons.
+Scott Rosenberg just being sarcastic about their bit of hyperbole in the first sentence. I'm from the South SF bay and there are plenty of Android owners there. (Especially around Google HQ) However SF and many other parts of the area are as Apple obsessed and saturated as can possibly be.
There is definitely a good reason for these companies to skin Android. Hardcore users just forget how small a percentage of the overall market they are.
Duane, skinning makes updates for everyone slower
+Scott Rosenberg but what you don't understand is the vast majority of users don't care. My GF updated her GS3 to 4.1.1 and said she didn't like the way the folders looked or some nonsense.

People who do care either end up rooting or buying a Nexus.
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Awesome. Great news for Silicon Valley!
Hopefully they just give up on touchwiz and put in stock android
I like Touchwiz, would like to see it continually developed. Just my .02
you people will never understand touchwiz..
popup play, popup note, motion controls, swipe jestures, and many other innovations, airview, and....
stock android have none of those innovation above, 
and lastly ask yourself , android 4.2, while major things are brought along with it
compare it with the features on the note2...
+Marcus Xe All those things can be added, without having a custom rom. APK files will take care of that, and APK files can be added to stock android, without affecting their upgradability
Jovan W
+Scott Rosenberg the average consumer does not want to install apk. They want an advertised set of features out of box.
They better look out in case Apple make up something regarding patents for building a complex
+Jovon Washington The manufacturer can install the APK files before the device is shipped. The average customer would have to do nothing. Obviously you're showing ignorance at how android works. I've done rom building on xda :P

Updating your rom version won't get rid of those features.

When an update occurs, all settings, and all APK files get backed up, update occurs, then apk files are returned
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