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As if one didn't already have more then enough reasons to quit facebook.
Rob A
that why i never got one. it is a tool
S Mann
You could leave Facebook, doesn't mean the info they already have on you won't be used. If you've ever been on fb , chances are your data and related data is being bidded on as we type. Too late to switch but not too late to limit what they have on you
Before you leave Facebook, do not forget to use the one weapon that you can control. Your profile data. Facebook takes every single user, collects what they like, what they buy, where they shop, their favorite movies books TV shows websites, their interests, their FACIAL RECOGNITION DATA, their IP ADDRESSES, their birthday, their family, their friends, and packages all of this data into a nice compact file to be sold.

Here is how you can stop it: 
Do not delete your profile.
Corrupt the data, make it worthless if sold, make the people that buy this data unhappy that Facebook sold it to them.
Change your middle name.
Change your favorite movies to niche Swedish films.
Update your status in a different language. If you speak English, start posting in French and Mandarin Chinese (use google translate).
Change your profile picture to a photo of someone who looks similar to you.
Change your place of employment to overseas.
Spread the word that this is how you can destroy Facebook from the inside out.
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