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"But Dell is not shutting down. Instead, the company will try to transform itself behind the curtains."
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I can't say I've been impressed with the Dells I've used yet. Hopefully they'll be able improve their products at the affordable level.
I always hated Dell Computers.... I've had 3 and they all were / are shit. Current one is at work (I.T. guy did it.) I do love my Lenovo, though. Bottom line is, Dell has always made shit products. 
Dell in south america is involved in religious money laundry and taxes evasion. Dell is dying.
Dell will probably do like HP, and create a plant to ditch consumer electronics altogether, to focus on servers and other IT equipment.
I was a Dell engineer in 2012, providing onsite services to its customers. I can tell you their parts like motherboard and LCD did not go through a proper QC check. When I did a motherboard replacement for a rack server, it was DOA(dead on arrival) . The next day I came and replaced a new motherboard, still no boot.Imagine the face of the customer after telling him about the situation.He wasn't happy and I had to apologize for the faulty part even though it wasn't my fault. After three motherboard replacements , finally the server was able to boot up. Dell has really lost its value in its after sales services.
They also can't figure out whether or not to stay in consumer retail. I'm a tech/sales manager for Staples.. We were told Dell was getting out of consumer PC's.. Haven't had any since Win8 launched.. Now, we're getting them back on our next cycle. I don't enjoy working on them either. They build their PC's in a way that the average user can't do something simple like replace a HDD. You have to almost completely disassemble a laptop because the HDD is underneath the mobo, with no external access to remove it.. Other brands have 4 screws and that thing is out of there.. They are attempting to build back-end services into their products --- build them in a way to force customers to send it back to Dell for repair... Or you can just buy a Lenovo... 
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