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CBS is live streaming the Super Bowl. Will you watch it online?
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Depends on who is playing, everyone knows they manipulate the game to make sure it's 2 big market teams in.

Since no one is going to watch a Minneapolis vs. Jacksonville Superbowl. 
Do you need to be a cable subscriber to get the content or is it going to be open to everyone? If so, I would stream it.
I only watch OTA. If my rabbit ears fail me, I'll skip the game.
The stream wasn't accessible outside the US, otherwise I think the number of online viewers would have been greater. I had to find a rogue stream to watch it :( 
What... that is why I have a 65 inch TV,  Come on!  That said this is great for those on the go!
absolutely i will, i refuse to pay for cable tv, streaming ftw!
+Shiraz Siddiqui CBS is an OTA channel.  No need for cable TV to watch the Super Bowl.

In fact, according to the linked article, users of the streamed broadcast of last year's Super Bowl had to log in with their cable TV subscriber credentials which is a little more than counter-intuitive.
+Hunter Figueras touche my good sir! however in my area over the air is super fuzzy and not very awesome for watching football :-\ Usually I stream NFL Sunday Ticket from my PS3
If only allowed here in the Philippines :P
No. Millionaires playing a kids game. Not for me.
Probably not as it most likely won't be available outside the us. 
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