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Good to know that Google hasn't lost sight of the "don't be evil' ideology
i am really fascinated by the way google is shifting its business to hardware and green energy....
Go Google? NOT! Google sucks! Their picasa sucks!
This is great for everybody. Stuff like this spreads. Way to go Google!
When did Google diversified to Power and Energy Biz?
Usually when a company invests in everything and anything it's for personal gain and to maximize profits. Not Google. They expand and invest in a greener future. Nice to see a company with a ideology like theirs. Contracts on reaching the billion mark Google.
I wonder what the us govt spends actually on green energy
Wow. Google truly owns the internet! They control the ads on the Web, they are the most used way of finding URLs, they offer their laptops for that Web, they have a fibero-optic network to deliver the Web (at least in Kansas City) and now they are starting to literally power the Web.
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