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Seriously, this again? New, aggressive marketing from Microsoft warns Gmail users that Google reads their email -
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When all else fails, resort to FUD. 
seriously? Yeah, they do because I want them to. 
Wow!! Must be still pissed off over ActiveSync
haha scroogled... get a surface tablet and get REALLY screwed... there's no POP3 in that thing! hahaha
"we don't go through your email to sell ads" .. so where are they going to use it instead?
Everything old is new again, apparently.
Well how else will Microsoft get their consumers back? Good products? lol
+Mark Liederbach  yeah... if you can't come up with good products, at least you can hire good advertising agencies! the other windows ads are very good indeed
Pathetic Microsoft... If you're gonna go down at least go down with some dignity. 
what, no google+ link? lol

sounds like one big ad for how good google's advertising is :-P
They seriously don't have anything better to do with their time or money? Oh wait.. Bing.. HAHAHAHA. 
the only thing keeping me off msn live is my horrible old email address from grade 9
oh no, the greatest company in the world uses my emails to show me stuff that i might actually want to buy! what a nightmare!  seriously, microsoft is just upset over google kicking their ass with chrome. and google drive. and google.
Yeah I heard they hired like 4,000 new employees just to sit there and read through everyone's email and make reports...ah MS it's called scrubbing you nit wits.
I may be missing the point, but Google can read my email all they want because I don't use the internet to be secretive.
I thought this was old news...
Right ! Like someone at Google has the time to read 63 trillion emails every day. Wouldnt Microsoft be better off in stressing how much better's interface is as opposed to GMAIL archane look and feel - stress things like RIGHT CLICK and DRAG and DROP which Gmail has NONE. You can't even right click and forward or reply. You CAN do EVERYTHING with a right click or drag and drop with Outlook. Just discuss what THEY have that is better NOT what everyone else has that is worse. Stop being the used car salesman.
Google reads my email!? I must immediately delete my entire Google Account and use Microsoft's products instead because my email from Amazon is read by a computer algorithm. ;)
+Fabio Krauss Stabel Sure, MS hired Mark Penn - but he has shown time and again that he knows very little about technology. He is as bad at his job as Ballmer is at his 
Once MS got information about every dvd and movie you watched.
Now it pretends to teach about privacy?
I could care less. Besides, why would they? No one cares what you do, they don't have the man power to waste money on reading Tom, Dick and Harry's e-mail. Oh but THEY do read our mail and watch our every move so that THEY can control the world!!! BAHAHAHA!!!
Wow, this is cheap even for Microsoft.
Lying and defaming. Unbelievable. Anyone knows if Goebbels was cloned and now working in Microsoft PR?
Just ridiculous.
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