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Cisco buys enterprise cloud startup Meraki for $1.2 billion in cash
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that will take care of everythingzzzz
Wow I just started evaluating one of their access points. 
Meraki switches look awesome! How come I've never heard of these guys?
+Solo Weiler I said the same thing. Their system manager cloud based management is awesome even without their devices. I just hope Cisco doesn't get all crazy and make it more complicated than it is or has to be. I also hope the pricing/licensing doesn't skyrocket. 
Pretty sweet company. I evaluated their access points and their compression box w VPN at my old job. Compression worked very well. Had two of them setup one at each facility. Never bought due to management. Google was one of their first clients and they are at every motel 6. Also seeing them a lot in the service industry especially restaurants. With auto firmware update and "zero drop" installs hard to beat. 
Im thinking more jobs, more buy outs, more partnerships, more business...
Meraki is an awesome, innovative company. I just hope is stays the same going forward.
I hope they don't mess up Meraki, I love their equipment and platform.
Love Meraki's stuff and support, I hope that doesn't stop.
I feel like this cloud business is going to get out of hand and crash. long with the crowd sourcing business. Then it will fall into equilibrium
Hope they don't kill it like they did Flip Video.
allot of that 20 million goes into operational costs
I couldn't be more alarmed by this. As someone who is in the middle of rolling my company over to Meraki equipment, it worries me that Meraki's clear philosophical opposite is now in control. 
Ffffffff. I love their gear, put some in at my last job and working on doing so at the new job. But now I dunno... Cisco will probably screw it up.
I hope meraki continues its operation in the same manner and at the same list price 
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