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Can't use it, not on Android.
I have the droid you're looking for
Nope sounds stupid, plus it only supports ios so I couldn't even if I wanted to. 
Joe R
Marketing hype. 
More users on Android yet they want to spread the social app on iOS only?
I will not download or install or use any twitter inc software.
Nope. But I also dont use twitter.

It seems like twitter is more focused on building the user's ego before all else.

Social media increasingly gives us all the ability to be complete assholes without taking any responsibility. 
Vine is for the creative and artistically inclined user. Obviously not for everyone. 
It's a lot of fun. I've been hooked since the first time. There are always haters when a new service like this comes out. We all remember the nay sayers when Twitter launched, now look at it's wide acceptance.  
iPhone only, so here on G+ I suspect you may get a limited amount of people who will say yes on that question. 
Tony Ng
...stop complaining about it not being on android. this phenomenon is not new. instagram was on iphone for a long long time before it went to android. if u want the newest apps, buy an iphone.

interesting app, i think it will appeal to a lot of the instagram generation. need to fix the bugs and improve the social networking experience.
Why should be buy a device that would be a downgrade just to get latest apps? Maybe programmers need to stop pandering to sheep.
+Jimbo Rizza I don't care what Twitter wants me to do with their product. I have a great time using it for conversing with friends, getting news, and even finding jobs.
Blackberry port!?! Just kidding!!! Ha
The world of Mobile is way too large now to discount the fact that companies ignore the largest customer base out there . Smartphones and mobile aren't just Apple. To ignore android Microsoft blackberry and yes even the possibility of Linux based phones within the year it's definitely a huge middle finger to most of the mobile market . That being said, if you are trying to limit new products to a very small and specific set of users then going with the Apple crowd is the best choice due to system stability and user predictability. 
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