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Google says that your pet's name won't cut it as a password anymore. "Physical" passwords coming? 
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This can be added into my car/house key chain.
+TechCrunch I say add NFC to our PCs and use an authenticator on our phones and tablets to login or just an NFC keychain.
That's great...  Have they said anything useful like when the Nexus 4 will be available?
I'm wanting a NFC bracelet to unlock my phone instead of using pattern/passphrase
So have an NFC bracelet or ring for your phone than NFC to login to your pc using oyur phone :P it's a perfect system as long as you have both items.
Shit, how did the author know I use my pet's name?
Boom.... Devices that require a unique NFC tag to unlock.  Like the passcards to get into your office but somethings small that you can stick to the bottom of your watch, wallet or bracelet.  Thoughts?
How about letting my voice be the key?  It doesn't matter who hears me sing the first line of Amazing Grace because they are incapable of singing it with my exact timber, tone, etc because they do not have my vocal chords.  Plus if I am at the ATM and someone holds me up and yells "Sing dammit", my vocal chords are going to reflect my anxiety and my voice is not going to sound exactly how it usually does when I am using my phone or computer.  The algo could pick up on that and log me out when I am SUS (singing under stress).  Of course I'd need two sets of base recordings.  One set would be me singing when I had a cold.
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