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naw if i was in the market for a laptop i'd buy a surface pro.
Nope. Maybe if they came out with something innovative I might reconsider. 
Hmmm! Hope an innovative feature has been added
Wish this happened in December when I bought my retina macbook pro...
I'm excited for the updated version with the +Intel Haswell processor if its base price is the same. 
+Nino Novak LOL if I knew that I'd be running Apple. But they haven't come out with anything new in a long time, and now there are much more innovative laptops available. Hence the price drop and my comment.  
+Michael Meehan I'm pretty sure that whatever they'd make you'd not buy it, your "innovation" comment makes no sense. You don't know what the definition of innovation is. MacBook Pro and MacBook Air play in their own league, they are worth every penny.
No Innovation on their marketing trick to let people think that there is inovations in their products theses days. :)
I am looking forward to buy a Google Chromebook or Chromebox.
The introduction of the intergrated GPU in the Intel CPUs are a step backwards as far as functionality, in my opinion. Either introduce more powerful intergrates GPU or ditch the idea all together.
Their laptops are WAY too expensive. 1499 to start = a really decent gaming laptop from anyone else
+Christopher Li-Reid I disagree. If you're after a gaming laptop, it's dumb to go Apple, but otherwise, it's very hard to find laptops as good as these. I'm talking about physical design, screen quality, battery life, weight, durability, comfort...etc.

The 13-inch Retina ones offered the least value for price though, so this price drop was necessary.
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