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RedBus continues to dominate in India, but that’s not what makes them special -

Any guesses on what does?
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Angel investors and VC's in INDIA TOUR
These red bus are found all over Karnataka in India. They are not Volvo by the way . The redbus company is just an online bus ticket vendor like thousands in India . The article paints wrong picture of India. Nobody charges money depending on your desperation , almost all hotels have rate list or menu for food, Nobody in India travels in bus for over 12 hrs and rare cases above 12 hrs. In fact buses usually don't operate such routes. In karnataka , Bangalore is the capital, Govt sells bus tickets online. Cities are crowded and there is problem of civic responsibilities on part of people. But its safe and one can easily get around and if you are smart and have basic common sense you will enjoy India. 
do you travel on top of that too?
The drivers don't routinely rape female passengers? /snark
+Mikhail Zabaluev They don't routinely rape but crime against women is a problem in India but generally women have been victims all over the world . I am hopeful that India will improve on this front. 
This is one big idiotic article I've never expected from tech crunch... The information is sooo misleading & incorrect... Do ur homework before posting something of this sort...
Yea and look at the racism in this comments thing. Way to go tech crunch. 
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