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Surprise! Google launches Gmail 2.0 on iOS with new design, support for multiple accounts, Calendar and Google+ integration & more -
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I like the new way to switch switch between multiple accounts; now bring that feature over to the Google+ app!
So here is the solution ... don't go through App Store Update .. seems that it's a glitch in App Store.

Search for gmail using the "Search Button".  If you already have Gmail installed, click the "update" button and it will ask for your password for App Store.  once entered, it will download the Gmail Update.  At least that's what I just ended up doing and it seems to be installing the new update.

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I don't have the original app, so when I go to the app store it says "install", once I try it says no longer available. 
It looks really nice. I normally dislike iOS UIs but it's really tastefully designed. Kind of like Google Now and iOS's lovechild
Hooray for color coming back to Google, things were feeling a little austere.
I'm tired of Google apps looking better on iOS than on Android. Wtf man.
What about Google Talk integration?
2 hrs later, says "free" and says its not available! WTF
Just tried after it worked for you and it worked for me as well!
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