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The new Myspace opens, hoping a Justin Timberlake single can help it fly. Think it'll work? -
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I have too many social networks as it is. If anything I would be dropping one, not adding one.
Been using it for awhile now. Its great for music.
The New MySpace is nice for music discovery. Better than Pandora. Social Network? Just noise
Ah, yeah forgot it was called  that in Eng. It's two different words in Swe so "Tie" is just tie and nothing else here... :P
It's now basically a music service/community. That never seemed to work for Apple when they tried it.
+Geoff Kleinman I still say there needs to be a dating service based off music tastes. That's what MySpace needs to do. Lol
I just made an account... again. Wait, is it 2005?
+Jason Jones there's an app for you. Scans each person's playlist and then says weather or not they should date....
it'll be interesting to see where this goes. as a former employee of myspace my profile on there is pretty prominent so if anyone ever actually starts using the thing again i won't complain about the extra self-marketing space.
Yeah, they've done a "reboot" and the reviews have not been nice...
Probably reviewed by the same people that call G+ a ghost town.
Actually no. The reviews I've read sounded like they actually tested it for quite some time...
Well it´s microsoft... so like all other Microsoft products... it needs to be banned from the world... 
I think they deleted by beta account. i am way to lazy to start over.
Man nice try JT, I am sure that they will play on the enough to get people hooked. 
MySpace failed when they draped it in adverts. Seems like where Facebook is going...
Timberlake to the rescue. ;)
New MySpace is pretty slick. I really like it. Instant access to thousands of tracks/videos from my favorite musicians? Pretty sweet. The horizontal layout is clean too. More info can fit on screen with these 16:9 monitors. I think more people should give it a shot. I bet they'd be surprised.
Doesn't work very well, it's very confusing.
I agree, will just have to wait and see.  All in good time.
I think MySpace truly died the day they added the Facebook "Like" button.
As I said on another post, it's 2013. Why should I care about MySpace in 2013, after not caring about it for, oh, at least 5 years?
+Troy Tiscareno Just consider it to be a yet another social music streaming service, because it has very little in common with old MySpace, except for the name.
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