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Square Register’s next frontier in mobile payments: small to mid-size regional chains -
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Square has been very popular with street market artists and artisans at my place. It is just so frictionless, it's great. Some oldies are a bit dubious about it, but I'm sure it's only a matter of time. 
How about an ANDROID TABLET APP ((ugh)) no duplicate feature-set on Android Tablets to the iPad is utterly terrible.
As a Square Merchant, I have been asking for a Google Tablet App. But we need more Merchants asking for it.
Good for Square! Makes me happy they're doing as well as they are. And people said it wouldn't catch on...heh.
It is ironic that the company trying to innovate in payment processing doesn't utilize NFC
+Samir Al-Battran I'm sure if iPhone was sporting an NFC chip the story would be different. There are still too few devices out there. I'm sure it will come, but it is not a must have right now. Sometimes it is about choosing your priorities...
that is pritty cool. how much is it.
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