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Twitter could relieve IPO pressure by selling $80M of early employee stock to BlackRock at a $9B valuation -
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fuck no imagine all the mindnumbing twitter assholes here on google+
There's plenty of people here.  You know how there's a 500 comment limit on any post? Imagine that full up of idiots baying for attention rather than 93.2% actual interesting comments.  I don't want my interactions watered down that much.  Besides if they wanted to come to google+, it's here already so where are they?
I saw a diagram yesterday that puts Google+ at number 2, with about half as many people as Facebook (allegedly). Youtube was below that, and then Twitter.

Up until recently, I was all about Twitter. I get a lot more engagement here though, and this is a more complete experience, without being overbearing like Facebook.

Social networking is going to continue to grow and mature. I don't know if it's going to matter what service you're with in the next few years. 
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