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Who has some weekend plans they want to share? 
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I watch football, you take over the world, but please don't remove the football season.
As lame as this sounds the only things on the agenda are: (1.) Browse and join a few communities here on the G+ (2.) schedule a 'hangout' with a couple buddies from collage. (3.) Go for a run...maybe.
With my wife and son out of town, the only plan i have is to crack open a Smithwick's
Go shopping with my wife and finally play some Ingress, since I recently received my invite!
White Elephant Christmas party.  I'm bringing a used DVD of Weekend at Bernie's (ssshhh)
Working. That's what I'm not doing. 
Playing with the nexus 7 any recommendation s!? 
+clifford miemban, if what you say is true, you should at least learn how to write in our own language
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