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Excellent idea - bravo Amazon.  Another example of the market innovating faster than Apple.  
Mark P.
Anyone think the labels are going to try to shut this down?
Uh, Apple doesn't sell CDs so this is not an example of someone innovating faster than Apple.
Cool, I guess. Except I pretty much stopped buying CDs (or any any disc-based media) at least 5 years ago.
Mark P.
I think think licensees work differently with CDs/MP3s and books/ebooks.
Very cool. I went to the Amazon Cloud Player and was trying to locate the AutoRip function when it automatically popped up after about 10 seconds. It included CDs that I had bought for my granddaughter. So it includes Britney Spears, Good Charlotte and a Twilight movie score. LOL. Amazon is so good at providing applications that are not thought of but are great.
just looked at my Amazon Cloud, and apparently it does NOT include vinyl. Its a bummer for me because I buy most of my music on vinyl.

Not mad at Amazon by any means because they don't even have to do what they are doing as it is, but it would be nice if they considered making the mp3s available for customers who buy music on other mediums especially if the album in question is available on CD as well.
Amazon rocks. They keep pushing boundaries. Unfortunately (?) death of the music retailers. 
Yes! This is digital copy for CDs. I approve. 
It works, but it's a slow process. Every time I initiate a cloud refresh from the Amazon MP3 app, new albums show up. Weird.
+Robert Spring ...which is why Amazon is giving out mp3's for all purchases back to 1998. So everything you purchased from 1998-2007 you'll get mp3's for. 
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