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It looks great i liked the old version but it lacked some features!!!!
Whya do Iphone/Apple get better Google updates and apps then Android?
You can update right now 
We released new Android Version 3.3 as well :-)
Ron W
Can anyone tell me how to manage circles in the iPad? On the iPhone you see a Circles menu from where you can move a person from one circle to another. But you can't do this in the iPad. Or I am missing something. 
Ron W
Millions of people log into Google +. 
They now allow you to instantly upload full resolution photos to Google+, which they didn't previously.  However, formerly we had an unlimited amount of free instant upload storage, and now you are limited to 5 GB (The limit only applies to high resolution photos/videos).

It seems like a sensible move with the recent release of the Galaxy Camera.  Unlimited photo uploads was an awesome perk, but I was disappointed that the photos weren't uploaded in full resolution.  This is a nice compromise, and it looks like Google may have just found a solid new revenue stream considering the current photo craze that's going on.
This is a fantastic update. If my nexus 10 would stop with the random reboots I'll love the shit out of Google.
this flip flop on ui design - get it consistent!
S Mann
Not impressed with the update.features it's so slow!!!!!
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