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Facebook unveils the “Facebook Card,” a reusable gift card that holds multiple balances from different stores -

Be honest, who's getting one?
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Wonder if it updates your status "Julie just spent $50 at Victoria's Secret.."  like  comment

Julie's BF likes this.
It's just...I...I don't want to live on a planet where this exists.
riiiiight because Facebook is known so well for their "security" features....hahahah.
Do you keep the same card or keep getting new ones?
As many times as Facebook gets hacked a day, I am not really sure I trust Facebook to secure my money just yet. Well ok maybe the core of Facebook has not been hacked, but I know user accounts get hacked all day long.
Groupon killer? Oh wait, Groupon killed itself and Facebook can't kill anyone. 
I never understood why people get gift cards for a specific place when you can just get a visa or amex card that's accepted pretty much everywhere.
Honestly this is kinda scary. Facebook seems to be dipping their fingers into everything before they fully solidify what they already have. Seems to me that the guys at facebook are getting greedy.
Anthony Dao, the VISA or AMEX cards charge the buyer an up front fee for the purchase. Specific cards are purchased for the face amount.
Nat J
Not interested.
It's an interesting idea, but there's no way I'm giving facebook my money or supporting them in any way.
Is it just me or is Facebook finding better ways to stalk you graph search, now this! X spent Y cash in Z shop 
are these available on Safeway's "Wall of Gift Cards" yet? that's when you know you've made it. well, there and in the PennySaver.
Never. I have no interest in giving facebook direct access to data on my purchases. 
He won't need to offer cards, he'll just aquire the ATM networks to track the data.
If it's Google Card, I would like to have one.
+William Goebel user accounts on Facebook are not hacked most people on Facebook don't even know the meaning of the word and use it out of proper context people usual A leave their account logged in or B give access to a website or app with permissions that allow it to post or modify their account. These people willingly give access to their account either that or they have a easy to guess password.
I like the idea of the card card multiple retailers, just not the fact that it has FB tied to it
Facebook...You Guys Are Trying WAAAAY Too Hard Now. 
"Sale fishes in fish-market, not in IT-market"..why FB adverts here in g+???

I use fb just because of my friends..otherwise G+ is far better(and cleaner) than FB..

(Edited: Although I understand that this was just to give info but still I would have appreciated more if this post was been at FB than at G+..)
Interesting capability. Not from FB though! Ugh. Never! I would rather have it as an app on my phone offered by someone with a better security rap. 
Lori Ulm check out the Square Wallet app. Many local shops are picking up on it. You can set it up so the places you do business with recognize you through the app when you enter, so when you get to the counter, your transactions are ready to sign. Slick!

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