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Wow... what a load of pure speculation!
Motorola Mobility, 17,000 patents. We're a long way from anyone's jugular.
I love the logic of Apple fans... Apple wins, even when they admit defeat? Ha! I'm sure this settlement had NOTHING to do with HTC's LTE patents, which a judge indicated Apple would face an uphill challenge against. Surely just a coincidence. LOL
So far, Apple is the only one losing and paying up...
Apple to Pay $368 Million to VirnetX Over Use of FaceTime
Apple Forced to Pay Samsung’s Legal Fees in the UK Over Apology Shenanigans
Apple Slammed By Judges, Stock Slides 20%, Consumers Choose Samsung
Apple versus Samsung judge will review jury foreman misconduct claims
Apple to pay Swiss rail $21 million for using clock design
+Matthew Smith Google spent $12 billion to remain in mobile phone market. So that is certainly not happening. 
Too sad, a world with only two options (Windows, Apple), because they win in court and not with their products.
I love me some Apple, Inc., but seriously y'all, open hardware and open software are the future.
What a joke but it really would be a shame if sometime in the future it would end up being Windows Phones and iPhones 
If Apple win, we the consumers lose. So much for having choices, guess I better start going to my local Apple church, opps sorry, I meant Apple store
The first thing you need to know is not to trust anything a lawyer tells you. I didn't bother to read this. It is a waste of time.
I agree with the author of the article, Apple is getting stronger and together with Microsoft they will overtake Android, that's inevitable.
+Nino Novak That's pathetically sad that you want to continue to live under the dominance of two companies forever.  Luckily the author of this article is full of it, trying to turn Apple's fear of HTC's LTE patent portfolio and inability to win anything against HTC with their own patents into an Apple victory.  The author also, apparently, does not understand how cross-licensing deals work, and there is no evidence that any actual money is changing hands.
This would never happen if The Woz was in charge...
Okay, there is SOME money changing hands, but very little, not enough to adversely affect HTC's bottom line...
+Eli Fennell Android is slowly dying, Windows phone is the future and HTC knows it, that's why they're heavily investing in it. There won't be any domination of two companies, if smartphone makers like Samsung start to innovate instead of copy and steal from Apple, Nokia and Microsoft. 
Eli Fennell
+Nino Novak HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!  Yeah, its global market share just topped 75% last quarter, iPhone at 15%, everyone else fighting over the scraps of the remaining 10%.  Yup, slowly dying.   #becausemath
"Android is slowly dying" ... :) I smell troll.
+Nino Novak Android dying? Apple just came out with iPad mini, their market share in the tablet arena is shrinking. Also, apple is no longer appealing to young people only to old fogies. Apple is dying, look at how they are compromising, coming with a 7" tablet when they say its DOA, and would not come up with anything like a small tablet. Increase to 4" screen, i wouldnt be surprised if they come out with something comparable to a note, considering how popular the note is. Now all this speculation with changes in management and maybe changes in their boring ass interface. Really though, iphone is for suckaz!
Its funny how people can believe that just because apple attacks HTC, Motorola, and Samsung that android is somehow affected. Android is an operating system that is covered up with skins by those manufacturers. Android is an entity by itself created by Google. Until apple has the balls to stand 100% up to Google's face and fight them one on one then android will survive forever.
+Alexander Papagno Every day Apple waits to stand up to Google head to head their chances of 'beating' Google grow slimmer. Google is actually innovating and making impressive leaps forward in many areas. Google is so much bigger than a mobile OS, a handful of devices (the Nexus line), and a search engine.
Biggest load of nonsense ever. Get real facts idiot.
Earth to TechCrunch:  Apple is losing the war, just like they did in the 80s & 90s vs. MS-DOS & Windows.
I don't understand! Android and apple both run on the same platform free GNU, so how will this help apple? 
Is very unfortunate to see that we are getting down to this, are we looking to a future were corporations do not compete anymore just because being fear of being taken to court if the "corners of the device are rounded?"
Clearly this guy author missed all the cases Apple has lost in every other civilized nation...not to mention Samsung's 75% market share in Q3. If this is decent enough journalism to be published these days, I have a blossoming story, Huge Boom in Arizona Ocean Front Property! 
That lawyer looks like an ass clown.
I wish Apple would just go away with this BS already come on 
The entire last half of the article, with all the doom and gloom is  based on the unconfirmed opinion in paragraph 3 "HTC must have agreed to pay Apple a royalty on every Android device it sells."
Totally absurd. Android is here to stay. Apple is the one which should be worried. 
I would just go back to a flip phone & a tethered tablet running Linux. 
Apple spends more money on litigation than they do on R&D–no wonder the iphone 5 had no great improvements over their previous release & their map program wasn't really ready for release. 
Apple needed some LTE patents before they got their asses handed to them in court.  This does not mean Android is against a wall.  And Apple may have thousands of patents, but how many of them are ripe for invalidation?  HTC threatened to get sales bans on all Apple LTE devices, and Apple realized they had to play ball.  Since HTC got hurt by Apple earlier in the year, and they are struggling, they happened to be the ones willing to make an agreement.  That's all this is.
James W
Thats a sweet comb over. Apple is getting stale and consumers are starting to realize it.
What a load of GARBAGE. HTC is already slippling in Android market share but as a whole Android market share is growing. Samsung is making breaking records left, right and centre. While LG is back on the map with Nexus 4. So NO this is not going for the jugular.HTC is doing what it can before slipping as low as RIM. Shame on you TechCrunch.
dorio x
Apple is going down. Android is free. Android is gonna win in the long run.
I think its too early to call, the end of the patent wars are nowhere in sight.
+Alex Wilson We accept that Google is doing that for defensive purposes, and in patent wars the best defense is a strong offense.  If Microsoft and Apple both settle, and Google-Moto continues down that litigious path, I'm sure most fans of Android will object to it.  Yes, it's another bogus patent suit, but to not file them, at this time, would be unilateral disarmament.
Windows never sued HTC or Samsung. They struck deals without litigation. This guy should probably do some simple researching before writing pointless speculation based articles 
What a terrible article. Why would you repost a misguided article with unchecked facts. Ms never took HTC or Samsung to court for licensing they struck a deal with no litigation. Most cases Apple has for patents they are losing and Samsung is going to appeal the billion dollar case and possibly get it overturned. This guy is purely an apple fanboy with untrue and unchecked facts...terrible article.
And another thing is that the HTC Apple deal was apple looking for money from a company that is on a down note right now..
Your full of Question huh? Apple created their ecosystem and everyone designed around them forcing Apple to stay put. Now with a dull user experience and repete designed it seems more like they starting to reach out a little because they need to break free of that bubble they have so defended. Everyone will be fine. Google will eventually take over anyway...
+Nino Novak your logic is faulty unfortunately.  HTC invested heavily in lots of different things over the past 18 months and most of it did not pan out.  Beats audio is just one example.  Just because HTC invested heavily in Windows phones does not mean they will sell well (even though it looks like a good phone).

Windows phones will probably struggle for awhile because their first generation phones were so awful. A friend of mine refuses to buy any windows phone because he bought one last year and has had nothing but problems with it.

Also, Android is not dying, their numbers continue to go up.
Apple had never had competition like Android before so they are going on a suing spree... I'm sure Steve jobs is turning in his grave right now because whoever took over his company is running it to the ground!!!
Android isn't going anywhere but up. Personally, I'll never buy anything but.
Android is dying, because Windows phones are overtaking them and Apple is light years ahead in software and hardware design. If all of you fanboys think tweaking widgets and using a stylus makes Samsung superior, you're living in a fairytale. Apple, Nokia, Microsoft stand for innovation, evolution and revolution in IT industry. Samsung and HTC have never created an industry segment, they merely copied and added few things and called it 'unique'. Give me a break! I love Google products, but they made a big mistake by letting Android go so out of control. So much junk hardware is stuffed with old outdated Android versions, all BRIC coiuntries are loaded with it, that's why Android's market share is still growing. But compare the number of sold devices on iOS6 vs. the number sold devices on Jelly Bean. Who wins? Clearly the average Apple user. That's a fact.
+Nino Novak Sorry but your comment is full of crap. Android might not be the perfect OS, but 4+ really takes it close to iOS, which itself is getting slower at innovation. Nokia died because of their profound lack of real innovation, Microsoft is trying to give the big bucks to catch up, but let's see what happens. In the meantime, "But compare the number of sold devices on iOS6 vs. the number sold devices on Jelly Bean." --> It has been reported that Samsung sold more Galaxy S3 than Apple sold iPhone during the latest few months... Sorry, but you should be a bit more objective and up-to-date.
android is finding it's way.  The Nexus line is incredible and is getting better.  This is the way they can satisfy those who want the pure android experience.  The licensing with partners will provide low cost "smart-phones" to lower end markets.  The Nexus model is taking a serious stab at the fat-cat wireless carriers and their contracts (3yrs in Canada!)  I can buy a high-end phone here now unsubsidized from google for the same ballpark as subsidized ihandset on a 3yr contract.  This is a real market disturber.  I'm cheering!!!
Apple is representing the whole USA economy right now. I think there is no way Samsung will win in the USA court. It is not just about two companies anymore. 
+Nino Novak Now that's a more objective comment. You made 2 good points. "iOS6 runs on iP4/4S/5 and iPad2/3/4/mini", true. And "If Google doesn't start to control the quality of Android hardware like they do with Nexus, I guarantee you, that they will lose the game", it does make some sense. But I think the game is a bit more complicated than this. Android stands for more "open-ness" into the mobile world. So different classes of products are rising, cheap, middle, high. What I really agree with you on is that Android DOES need a lot more BETTER quality devices. Like the Nexus family, or even some galaxy devices ( GN2 is a great device, whatever you can say ), or LG/Motorola devices. As it was said before, "It's finding its way", and I believe in this saying. But wait and see what the mobile landscape is going to be in 5 years from now. We could be surprised.
Apple making money out of android devices.. who would've fucking thought 
+Nicolas Embleton Frankly, I don't care whether my prediction really happens, I love Apple products and I don't care if their stock falls or if their market share falls, I only care about my own user experience. My comments are meant as a counter argument to all these Apple- and TechCrunch- bashing fandroids here. Android is not perfect and the author of the article has a valid point. If someone disagrees, they should discuss the issue instead of lashing out at +TechCrunch.  
Finally iphone boring widgetless screen will get life
+Nino Novak I concur. I also care about my user experience. And some other things that makes that I love Blackberry (sigh) and Android. Let's see how the future will be.
After steve jobs apple has become somthing i want no part of.I own a ipad and and android tablet and 1 of them had 2 go i would be keeping my android tablet. Apple when you set out to destroy anything and everything from people to tech products in the end it is you who will be destroyed apple.Since steve jobs passing apple has become a tyrant. of the tech world.
I'm so tired of the "since Steve Jobs died Apple is going down" mantra of fandroids. It was Jobs who started with the lawsuits. HTC was the first one in March 2010, Jobs died in October 2011. Now Cook ends the spat with HTC, he reshuffles some key management positions and he even apologizes for a faulty maps app, what else do you want? The argument of Apple being aloof doesn't stand anymore under Cook. And iPad/iPhone are still breaking all sales records, the only problem is availability. That's what upsets me the most right now: I wanna buy the iPhone 5 and the iPad Mini, but I have no idea when they will reach Taiwan, where I live. Apple would sell much much more, if they could produce in greater numbers and deliver faster. 
Hey OP.... hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha
What I don't understand is how a patent litigation lawyer doesn't know what patent cross licensing means. While this deal with HTC means that Apple will get access to HTC and vice versa it doesn't mean that apple has acquired the HTC patents and I don't think HTC will not sue any other android company since it has vested interest in android. And apple can't use HTCs patent to sue others. Almost all the comments seem to be talking about or comparing apple against android. If it is true that Microsoft and Apple are trying for a duopoly by pressing upon the competition then it's something for the FTC to look into. 
So much conjecture from a small-time patent lawyer trying to drum up business...

+TechCrunch I really want to like you like the more neutral tech news sites (e.g. Engadget), but your biased and flaky articles make you like the tabloid of tech.
I saw the headline that said that apple listened the stuff, and I didn't think for an instant that apple was softening up, my exact words were "What's in it for Apple, What bigger thing are they after...?"
Well this is my "unfollow" straw. Yet another "tech" site with their throats fully occupied by the cock of Apple.
We want our money back we don't need apology. I will kill some guy's and then I will do the apology will it work? Sorry doesn't mean dead man alive. +Nino Novak by the way being an isheep you lack knowledge and you don't know the truth and you can't depict future. Better troll else where.
Ed Fong
so called lawyer make remarks without any studies should go and fly kites instead.
Let's keep in mind that androids don't even have jugulars.
Gee apple trying to kill competition? They would never do that! /sarcasm
Just more TC apple loving tripe.  There is NOTHING to see here, move along and ignore the crying over there.. 
Louis B
In the mean time, Samsung is killing HTC's sales. But the HTC sheep are too dumb to realize that. 
I dont belive in this dumb report...this is what I call selectively copy and paste journalism.
Last post here ...Mute TechCrunch..
+Alexander Papagno Apple won't be able to stand up to Google directly as Android is open source. Claiming infringement on an open source product is incredibly hard, because its out in the open.
You can't say Google is maliciously copying Apple software if Google is open and honest about it.
Now if you were a proprietary software publisher that hid someone else's code away and tried to sell it for a profit, the patent holder would have a much clearer and stronger case. That's not the situation. Android is free and very public about what it is, so Apple can really only attack the numerous manufacturers that are attempting to profit from it, which also means that Apple has to prove a connection between the infringed material and the companies profits.
Amazon wont be sued by Apple over its use of android because it doesn't make a profit off of device sales only the media purchased with the device. This would be too hard for Apple to link together in a courtroom
+Nino Novak android controls the largest share of the smartphone market, they continues to erode apple's market share and the windows market share is something like 2%. Apple's software is now trying to catch up to android, mostly because they spend far less in r&d than almost all of the other smartphone manufacturers.

It's great that you love Apple, but posting false information does not help anyone.
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